BMW i3 - only four stars in the crash test!

The BMW i3 is a bitter disappointment in the Euro NCAP crash test. With only four out of five stars, the new electric BMW is not up to date. For comparison, the Nissan Leaf - also a city electric vehicle - received 5 stars last year.

In pedestrian protection, the e-car only gets 21 out of 36 possible points. The front edge and side areas of the bonnet and the posts of the windscreen are too aggressively designed. This is a shortcoming, precisely because the electric BMW was designed as a modern car for metropolises. Pedestrian protection should therefore have a special status.

Quote from ADAC press release

For the fact that the BMW i3 has a long development time behind it, that it should be the first city car designed purely for electric operation and that it is also made from ultra-modern Kevlar composite materials, this result is simply a disappointment.

 Image source: Euro-NCAP

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