BMW iPerformance: The best of two worlds

9.6 kWh loaded in 3.5 hours.

In the 21st century, demands on sustainability are being placed on automobiles to an unprecedented extent. The earlier the manufacturers start implementing, the better. The BMW Group is leading by example. As early as 2000, the company launched a development strategy that focused on continuously reducing fuel consumption and emissions. Since then, Efficient Dynamics has influenced almost every area of ​​vehicle development at the BMW Group, and the resulting innovations have continuously grown in scope and diversity. Internal combustion engines with increased efficiency, BMW eDrive technology for electrifying the drive, BMW Efficient Lightweight, optimized aerodynamic properties and intelligent energy management ensure lower CO2 values ​​and, of course, more driving pleasure than ever.

Test driving report 073 BMW 740 Le xDrive
This holistic approach helps BMW i automobiles achieve an outstandingly favorable life cycle assessment over the entire service life. With services from BMW ConnectedDrive specially designed for electric mobility, the 360 ​​° ELECTRIC offers for convenient charging, and pioneering mobility services, BMW i becomes a pacemaker for sustainable individual mobility. The BMW Group has further expanded its leading automotive know-how in the field of CFRP use as part of BMW i and is using industrially manufactured CFRP in combination with steel and aluminum in the new BMW 7 Series. Optionally, the luxury sedans can also be equipped with the BMW laser light, which was previously offered for the first time in a production car in the BMW i8.

Test driving report 050 BMW 740 Le xDrive
The technology transfer from BMW i becomes particularly clear with the introduction of the first BMW plug-in hybrid models. From summer 2016, BMW iPerformance models will be available in four segments, in which BMW eDrive technology not only ensures significantly optimized efficiency, but also enables purely electric, locally emission-free mobility and an intensive hybrid driving experience characterized by particularly spontaneous power delivery. At the intersection of the BMW and BMW i brands, they combine the best of both worlds: their plug-in hybrid drive consists of combustion engines with BMW TwinPower Turbo technology, an 8-speed Steptronic transmission and the BMW eDrive technology developed as part of BMW i. This technology also comes in the BMW 7er Series for use. In the future this means: luxury, driving pleasure and sustainability at the highest level. There comes joy!

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