BMW Press-Drive Innovation Days

BMW Active E

Yesterday I participated in the BMW ActiveE Press Days. For me it was a premiere at BMW and I was almost a little nervous.

First I have to say, since then I have the idea of Car Bloggerei driving forward, it's a tough fight that you have to wage with the established ones in the industry for the few places in the sun of manufacturer attention.BMW Active E

At the IAA, I got to know Ms. Wiese (BMW Press-Group) and now, for the first time, have had the opportunity to gain deep insights into the BMW world. It was a great experience and I was thrilled to see that I - something like a blogger and online media publicist in Personal-Union - was not parked in the second or third row, but that I was going to see the premiere day could. That means I got a place in the attention next to the esteemed colleagues of the A-Print media and the representatives of the “gray press”. (Juchhuuuhuu - hello to the other manufacturers!)

This may be evidence of the rethinking that is really happening in the automotive industry. Because and I want that to be understood very clearly: "The impact on brand awareness of automobile manufacturers in the area of ​​social media publishers in terms of trustability and ROI is far ahead of the print giants." (A little Consultant speech at this point does not hurt?)

Seriously, I am almost touched by the honest attention and the opportunity that I have been given at the BMW Group. Thank you at this point. And I feel confirmed in the way I am with the Car Bloggerei have taken.

The workshops at BMW and the many great conversations with the experts from various disciplines of BMW development have provided so much material that I first have to find a way to dedicate each point its necessary attention.

So what's on the to-do list?

  • Laser light development and light spot for pedestrian detection
  • BMW Apps - the interface between smartphones and the BMW
  • Augmented reality in navigation and new ideas in the control of vehicle controls.
  • BMW Connected Drive and the project of the "radio construction site warning signs"
  • The change in the automobile due to “fat” or “old” people.
  • Simulation worlds at BMW in development
And of course:
The BMW ActiveE was driven by media representatives for the first time yesterday and I used the 60 minutes to capture a few impressions in the “moving image”. The only moderately edited clip can already be found on Youtube.

Edit:  A first article about the BMW ActiveE is now online. I ask for patience. There is a lot going on right now!

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