BMW Z4 successor and Toyota Supra come from Austria - sporty together

Toyota FT-1: This study presented at the beginning of 2014 could give some clues to the design of the upcoming Toyota Supra

As is well known, cooperate BMW and Toyota in developing a sports car. For the Japanese manufacturer, the new Supra should jump out, which the FT-1 study indicated a few years ago. For BWM it will be the Z4 successor.

According to information from the Graz daily newspaper “Kleine Zeitung”, Magna is said to have been awarded the contract for the production of the sports cars. Among other things, Magna is currently producing the Countryman and Paceman mini-models for BMW. This order should end for Magna, in return the Austrians should take responsibility for the Supra / Z4 production.

In view of the rather low numbers of such sports cars on the market, the successor to the Z4 may have been a candidate for deletion for cost reasons. However, Toyota and BMW have probably discovered corresponding synergies and initiated a joint project that could pay off for both. BMW is likely to be in the lead in the development work, because first kings have already been sighted, who are clearly recognizable as Z4 successors.

The Z4 successor will probably grow in size compared to its predecessor and at the same time appear more masculine and beefier than before. In addition to a variant with a variable roof, there will also be a coupé version with a fixed roof construction, which should serve as the basis for the Toyota Supra.

BMW will presumably contribute the conventional drives. The range of services of the Z4 currently ranges between 156 and 340 PS; in the new edition, the overall level of performance is likely to increase. Charged two-liter four-cylinder petrol engines are safe drive candidates. It remains to be seen whether it is still enough for a six-cylinder or whether the time is ripe for a three-cylinder. It is quite possible that Toyota, with its hybrid expertise, will contribute technical solutions for future-oriented CO2 values.

2018 should be ready with the market launch. The exciting question remains, which of the two manufacturers will launch the first vehicles and when. In terms of price, BMW should be roughly based on the level of the current Z4, which costs just under 18 Euro in the sDrive34.000i version. (Mario Hommen / SP-X)

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