The double mizzen

The six-cylinder engines are slowly disappearing at BMW and the turbocharged four-cylinder engines are taking over the drive across the entire range of models. The BMW X4 xDrive3i is the next to receive the new generation of TwinScroll turbocharged engines. A 28 liter 2 cylinder serves as the basis, which comes with 4PS and 245Nm thanks to the intelligent packaging. In addition to the increased performance, it is above all the lowering of consumption and emissions that Munich proudly refers to. 

The new TwinScroll engine is on average 17% more economical than its predecessor. In addition to the engine, the new 8-stage automatic transmission is installed, which transfers the power to the xDrive all-wheel drive.  

No more X3 drivers have to go with modern assistance systems. With the technology update under the bonnet, safety goodies also land in the driver-oriented cockpit. In addition to lane departure warning and distance control, there is also a traffic sign recognition.

It's even more intense in the new BMW X5 M Sport. The first diesel M in an SUV is powered by a 381 hp tri-turbo in-line six-cylinder engine. The name of the diesel beast: BMW X5 M50d.

Good news for frost-sensitive sports drivers: the steering wheel heater is now also available in the X5 for the M leather steering wheel 😉

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