First ride in the BMW 340i Gran Turismo

OK. The first article on a new BMW since? Yes. Since when actually? The last BMW I drove was the “New” BMW X5. It's been a long time. But finally there are also BMW models on my-auto-blog. Fresh, up-to-date and in this case really hot! The new BMW 340i was ready for its first drive as a Gran Turismo. 

BMW 340i Gran Turismo - First exit

If you - like me - has not dealt with the BMW brand for a few years, you stand in front of the “GT” in amazement. A three GT. Not that it is generally easy to differentiate between three and four, no, both are also available in a body shape that used to be called a hatchback, but is now called Gran Turismo and sometimes Grand Coupé. In the end, they are sedans with the roof of a coupé, but in the case of the GT even with so much space (up to 1.600 l trunk volume) that it competes with classic touring. No - BMW doesn't make it easy for me that day.

Quick course in the BMW body mix and a first ride in the 326 PS strong turbo gasoline engine.

First ride 033 BMW 340i GT Gran Turismo

Optically less, more technically

The Dreier GT has been around since 2013 and buyers in China are really into it. This is also due to the fact that the Dreier GT got the long wheelbase of the “Dreier lang”. 10 centimeters more wheelbase than the sedan and a total of 20 centimeters more length. This not only elongates the "little threesome" visually. The coupé roof stays comfortably away from the occupants and the wide-opening tailgate makes the Gran Turismo a practical man with versatility. And because the Dreier GT has already found more than 140.000 buyers in the main markets, not that much has changed visually with the “facelift”. One speaks now of LEDs on the main headlights and a new tail light graphic. Other rims. Other colors.

The changes under the sheet metal are more important. BMW has three completely new petrol and five new diesel engines on offer. The range of services ranges from 150 to 326 hp. The units can be coupled with the 8-speed automatic machine from ZF and the xDrive all-wheel drive is also available for six variants.

More power, less consumption - excitingly, there is still this development. Neither gasoline nor diesel seem to be really exhausted. However, BMW is already digging deep into the bag of tricks, especially with diesel engines. Two turbochargers, one with variable turbine geometry, Commenrail injection at up to 2.700 bar. More on the latest generation of Munich's motors, soon in a mein-auto-blog motor special!

First ride 034 BMW 340i GT Gran Turismo

This is how the BMW 340i GT drives

This should say how it drives. The Bimmer. Yes - I didn't get to drive. The colleague drove the vehicle and the route was rather blunt on the motorway. The Bimmer zoomed in on the autobahn and no sooner had we retracted than we had reached our destination. A driver swap? We had sweaty. But, we'll catch up! Promised.

What I can say, however: A great travel car for the passenger. The turbo six-cylinder, of course as an in-line engine, also pushes lard noticeably into the drive train for the front passenger above 200 km / h. 200 km / h appears to be the ideal travel pace. Sovereign and valuable - so far the assessment of the passenger seat. Wind noise remains far away and the shifting comfort of the axle automatic machine convinces without having driven a meter.

As a passenger, you are delighted with the new drilled infotainment system. With an improved menu structure and the integration of the new BMW Connected. Oh and how he drives in the end - doesn't really matter anyway. No?

Well, I'll catch up on the “test drive” in the 340i GT and then report in detail “how it drives”.

Until then, the gallery helps over lack of test drives away and the BMW dealer is the new 3er GT already from August. Incidentally, the prices start at 38.300 €.

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