Driving Report: BMW M8

BMW M8 Coupe

BMW sets in the 8er series and brings Coupe and Cabriolet also as M-model on the road. Instead of being a thoroughbred race track athlete, both present themselves as everyday jokers - with good reason. 

Although there is the BMW 8er also with diesel and recently even with inline six-cylinder gasoline engine. However, the self-proclaimed Porsche 911 and Mercedes-AMG GT competitor does not really fit in well with a large-capacity eight-cylinder under the bonnet. He was already available as M850i, but with the prefix "strongest letter in the world" pointed out that there will be more. Just over half a year after the launch of the 8 Coupé and Cabriolet, the M8 rolls to the dealership, not only in terms of performance, but also in terms of price. With 168.000 Euro for the Coupé or 176.000 Euro for the open version over 40.000 Euro will be due more than for the M850i. 

The investment can be seen at first glance from the athletes, compared to the conventional 8s, BMW has spruced up the M models extensively: wide jaws, large air intakes and two double tailpipes, each with ten centimeter thick trumpets, make the difference to the weaker brothers clear. The centerpiece, of course, is the eight-cylinder engine in the bow, which the M8 Coupé and Cabrio share with the M5. Although the 4,4-liter turbo unit is also related to the M850i ​​engine, the engineers not only tweaked the power screw a bit, but also, for example, the cooling concept and oil supply with a view to the high-performance demands of the M8 optimized. The result is a clear announcement: 441 kW / 600 PS are in the “normal” M8 in the vehicle registration document, even 460 kW / 625 PS in the competition model. If you ponder now which one is right for you, you can stop thinking: In Germany the M8 always comes up in the competition version. And that quickly puts her tamer 850i brother in its place: in the standard sprint, it takes five tenths of a second off it in 3,2 seconds and the electronic barrier at 250 km / h also falls in the M8; he can run at up to 305 km / h with the optional Driver's Package. It is not surprising that at least more than ten liters of gasoline are burned per 100 kilometers.

The numbers are one thing, the feeling of stepping on the accelerator pedal, the other: It takes only a tiny moment before the engine and eight-speed sports automatic pull together and catapult the M8 forward with force. In the M8 750 Newtonmeter, this punch is provided with torque that is fully applied to 1.800 revolutions and remains at a constant level until 5.800 tours. Only a short time later, the maximum power also falls on the crankshaft and pulls on again vigorously. Bringing the needle of the tourer to such heights is easy with the extremely revving V8, and that he really enjoys it, the eight-cylinder trumpet about a revised exhaust system with electronic flap control in the world - only deep grumbling and then growling growling. The good: Who handles the accelerator gently, can also maneuver the M8 properly and does not need to worry that the coffee in the to-go cup swallows and sullied the fully leathered cockpit. 

On the road bring M8 Coupe and convertible power always on all four wheels. Respectively: Almost always. The already rear-heavy designed all-wheel drive puts on explicit driver's request, the drive to the front - and the stability system - quiet and then drives like a purist, rear-wheel drive sports car. But even in 4WD mode, the drive control in sport mode allows one or the other drift. In general, the driver in the M8 can make a lot of settings: In addition to four-wheel drive and stability control can also throttle, damper control, steering, transmission, and recently even the response of the brake fine tune in several steps in several steps. How often you use this bauble is questionable. The two favorite configurations, however, can at least be deposited on the two red M-buttons on the steering wheel and retrieved with a click.

By the way: The same applies to the suspension of the power plant. The M8 is indeed taut on request, but never really rude. And who decides for the comfort operation, can sneak with the sports car also quite kommod on bad asphalt. A compromise that the clientele will appreciate. After all, M8 Coupé and Cabriolet are rather high-potential everyday athletes who have to serve the way to the office as well as for the Sunday outing to the countryside. Because for a purebred jester, who is run only now and then on the racetrack, both have simply too much weight on the ribs: The coupe weighs despite light carbon roof just under two tons, the convertible again good 100 kilograms more. A fact that can not be dissuaded away even with the strongest letter in the world.

BMW M8 Competition Coupé / Cabriolet - Specifications:

Four-seater, four-door coupe / convertible of the upper class, length: 4,87 meter, width: 1,91 meter (width with outside mirrors: n / a), height: 1,36 / 1,35 meter, wheelbase: 2,83 meter, trunk volume: 420 / 350 liter

M8 Competition Coupé: 4,4-liter turbo V8 gasoline engine; Power: 460 kW / 625 PS, maximum torque: 750 Nm at 1.800-5.800 rev / min, four-wheel drive, eight-speed automatic, 0-100 km / h: 3,2 s, Vmax: 305 km / h, fuel consumption: 10,6-10,5 l / 100 km, CO2 emissions: 242-238 g / km, emission standard: Euro 6d-temp, efficiency class: F, price: from 168.000 Euro

M8 Competition Coupé: 4,4-liter turbo V8 gasoline engine; Power: 460 kW / 625 PS, maximum torque: 750 Nm at 1.800-5.800 rev / min, four-wheel drive, eight-speed automatic, 0-100 km / h: 3,3 s, Vmax: 305 km / h, fuel consumption: 10,8-10,6 l / 100 km, CO2 emissions: 246-241 g / km, emission standard: Euro 6d-temp, efficiency class: F, price: from 176.000 Euro

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