Four wins: the BMW 4 series 2017

Four new rims, two new colors and a little cosmetics. The revision that BMW is giving to the 4 series is manageable. Very manageable. Not BMW nerds will struggle with the differentiations. It is all the more important to drive the models available from March 2017 once. mein-auto-blog was traveling between Munich and Berchtesgaden and asked the BMW 430i Cabriolet and the BMW 440i Coupé for their first summer tour. Theoretically. Because a short onset of winter would have almost freezed the moody mountain tour.

Four wins - How BMW keeps the four series fresh

BMW 430i Cabriolet and BMW 440i Coupé in the first test


The new BMW 4er series presents itself with a further increased presence, value and dynamism.

Well, unfortunately the last point cannot be found out on hastily fitted winter tires. Grumbling and squeaking, the winter rubbers complain about the attempt to wrest the “foursome” the increased dynamics out of the fur. And there was already no lack of presence and value. More than 400.000 vehicles sold (as of 12/2016) document the success of the series and the idea of ​​placing premium concepts a little more premium-style-a-like. BMW 4 Series Coupé, Cabriolet and also the Gran Coupé are closely related to the popular “Dreier”, but were deliberately positioned to be more valuable and more stylish. A look at the price list then demonstrates what is meant by “more valuable”.

With € 40.000 you can just enter the “premium class” of the four-wheeler. The driven 430i with a folding-folding-folding sheet metal roof and the 440i Coupé cost at least € 53,850 (430i Cabriolet Automatic) and € 54,950, respectively. Whereby your own preference would quickly swap the convertible for the straight six with the same budget. Because if something remains formative in the memory, then it is this smooth power development, accompanied by the unique hum of a straight six. No matter how great the efforts of the Bavarian engine workers, a four-cylinder remains a four-cylinder. Even if it turns into an “EfficientDynamics” engine with TwinPower Turbo technology with a lot of technical brainpower and brisk Anglicisms, and with - actually - not as lean 252 hp.

The automatic transmission from ZF, christened BMW by Steptronic, takes no blame at all. Eight courses were never served in a more attractive, soulful and convincing way. The right gear is right there. Here, too, belongs to a four-person - it burns the gasoline and does not ignite itself, as is actually the case today with the majority of all BMWs driving on German roads - a six-cylinder. Not much can be discussed about that. The direct change from the 430i tin roof convertible to the 440i Coupé illustrates this. And it can be experienced with all senses. 326 HP are one side of the argument, turbines have the same joy of turning and 450 Nm in a wide band from 1.380 to 5.000 rpm are the other side of the glamorous medal.

Four good arguments for the new model year

While you can't really report anything about the revised chassis during the first test drive - the winter tires on dry roads are too unfavorable - the further refined cockpit is particularly noticeable. A little more love here, a few double stitching there. And above all the new instrument panel with multifunction display. In addition, the infotainment system received the latest BMW technology and is now presented with adaptable tiles and fast-paced live content. This is how the “Connected Drive” experience can be understood.

The new foursome have been available from BMW dealers since March.

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