Finally give us the M5 Touring back!

BMW lifts the M5. The innovations include two new buttons in the center console. But the most important question is still open: When will we finally get a BMW M5 Touring again?

After the standard models, the top version of the BMW 5 Series is now also receiving a lift. The M5, available exclusively as a sedan, will come with a modernized front, slightly modified rear and a new operating concept from July. The prices for the business athlete unchanged on the drive side rise slightly to 120.900 euros.

The lifted four-door is recognizable above all on the new front with a larger kidney grille and modified LED headlight graphics. The lights at the rear have also been redesigned. A new, larger central display has moved into the interior, while the “M Mode” button known from the M8 is now located in the center console, which allows the user to quickly switch between driving modes. The also new "Setup" button enables the drive and chassis characteristics to be adjusted more quickly.

The 4,4 liter V8 biturbo petrol remains unchanged. In the standard model it comes to 441 kW / 600 PS, the “Competition” variant, which can be recognized by a black grille, among other things, produces 460 kW / 625 PS. In both cases, all-wheel drive is standard on board, the dampers on the stronger model have been slightly modified. BMW promises more control with greater driving comfort.

Compared to the previous model, the entry price has increased by around 1.000 euros to 120.900 euros. The “Competition” variant will cost 129.900 euros in the future, which also corresponds to a surcharge of 1.000 euros. The main competitors remain the Audi RS7 and the Mercedes-AMG E 63.

While the RS7 gets an RS6 station wagon alongside and the Mercedes E63 is not only available as a sedan, but also as a T-model - so we are eagerly waiting for an M5 touring! Go BMW, give yourself a jerk!