Used car check: BMW 3 series (type F30)

The sixth generation of the BMW 2012 Series has been at the start since 3

Anyone looking for a used 3-series BMW (F30) is spoiled for choice. The offer is huge. There is little to complain about. 

BMW F30 - The sixth edition

The 1975 series has been around since 3 and ensures full order books at BMW. There are now seven generations of the Munich middle class. The sixth edition (type F30) was produced from 2012 to 2019.

Body and interior of the BMW F30

The sixth generation is offered as a four-door sedan and a station wagon (touring). In addition, the Gran Turismo (GT) version has been added to the portfolio since 2013 - a fancier, coupé-like version. If you want a convertible or a coupé, you have to get used to a different sequence of digits: They are marketed as a 4-series.

Compared to Generation 5, the sixth has increased significantly again. Sedan and Touring each stretch to a length of 4,62 meters. The GT comes to an impressive 4,82 meters. The GT also has a wheelbase of 2,92 meters, 11 centimeters more than the other two variants, and not only allows plenty of space for the passengers, but also offers a trunk volume of 520 to 1.600 liters. The station wagon provides 495 liters of storage space with full seating. By folding down the rear seat, the space increases to 1.500 liters. The luggage compartment of the sedan swallows 480 liters.

Outwardly, the 3 series is the little brother of the 5 series; In the interior, depending on the equipment, fine woods, leather and aluminum applications dominate. The dashboard hugs the driver optically. In 2015 the 3 Series received a facelift. At the back and front there are gently changed aprons, the headlights with new light graphics are now available with LED technology on request. The center console was completely redesigned with a sliding cover over the cup holders.

Depending on the equipment, noble woods, leather and aluminum applications dominate the interior

Motors and drive of the BMW F30

In the F30, only three, four and six-cylinder turbo engines work. They offer a wide range from particularly economical to extremely sporty. The range of engines (sedan) for the petrol engines initially ranges from the four-cylinder 316i (100 kW / 136 hp), 320i (135 kW / 184 hp) and 328i (180 kW / 245 hp) to the six-cylinder 335i (225 kW / 306 hp) ) and 340i (240 kW / 326 PS). There is also the M3 version with 317 kW / 431 PS. The diesels include the 316d (85 kW / 115 PS), 318 d (105 kW / 143 PS), 320d (120 kW / 163 PS) and 225d (160 kW / 218 PS) - all four-cylinder - and the six-cylinder 330d ( 190 kW / 258 PS) and 335d (230 kW / 313 PS) are used.

Power is transmitted via a manual six-speed gearbox, with an eight-speed automatic shifting gear on request. A seven-speed DSG works in the M3. It is driven by the rear wheels. With many engine visions, all-wheel drive (xDrive) is also available).

With the 2015 facelift, a three-cylinder engine (318i) with 100 kW / 136 hp will be introduced for the first time. The 330i with 185 kW / 252 PS replaces the somewhat weaker 328i. The six-cylinder model 335i, which operates under the name 340i and with 240 kW / 326 PS, is 20 PS more powerful than its predecessor, has received an even bigger performance upgrade. The diesel engines of the 3 Series are also being revised and trimmed to the Euro 6 standard. The new fuel-saving champion is the 320d in the Efficient Dynamics Edition, which has a standard value of around 120 liters of diesel per 163 kilometers at 4 kW / 100 hp.

Since the refresh, the engine range has been supplemented by a plug-in hybrid drive. A 330 kW / 185 hp combination of four-cylinder gasoline engine and electric motor works in the 252e, which, according to the manufacturer, consumes 2,1 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers. The hybrid (Active Hybrid) with a system output of 2015 kW / 250 PS, which will be available until 340, will be withdrawn from the range. The M2018 CS with 3 kW / 338 PS has been available for sporty drivers since 460.

Equipment and safety of the BMW F30

BMW offers among other things automatic climate control, CD radio and a start button instead of the ignition lock in the basic equipment, but the list of options is long and expensive. Among other things, it has a head-up display, on-board internet and various assistants for blind spot monitoring, lane keeping or automatically maintaining the correct distance to the vehicle in front. In terms of optics, you can choose between four different packages that are either particularly sporty or more elegant. In the NCAP crash test, the 3 achieved the full number of stars.

The station wagon has between 495 and 1.500 liters of storage volume

Quality of the BMW F30

The F30 leaves a pretty good impression with the TÜV. However, it has one major weakness, and that concerns the springs and shock absorbers. The 3 Series also shows erratic behavior when it comes to light. The front lighting stands out above the average of the examined vehicles with defects. The handbrake also muckles more than average. There were recalls on early models because of problems with the power steering and because of security gaps in the connectivity system. There were also problems with passenger belt systems.

Conclusion on the BMW F30 triple as a used car

You can't do a lot wrong with an F30. From around 7.000 euros, used models from the early years of construction with high mileage are available in the used car online portals. A four-year-old plug-in hybrid costs around 20.000 euros.

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