Prophet: BMW M4 DTM Champion Edition

As if they had known, Bayern have launched a special model of the BMW M4 to win Marco Wittmann's title again in the DTM. The BMW M4 DMT Champion Edition was launched especially in honor of his DTM win. Wittmann only recently won at the Hockenheimring. Did BMW look into the crystal ball?

Apparently Bayern weren't too surprised by Marco Wittman's win in the DTM. As soon as everything was dry, the Munich-based company announced their special model called the BMW M4 DMT Champion Edition. Would the racer have been named so bulky if Wittmann hadn't won?

bmw m4 dtm-champions-edition-2016-my-car-blog-2
The BMW M4 DTM Champion Edition: riot look including real carbon rear spoiler

Be that as it may: the strikingly designed M4 is limited to 200 pieces worldwide and is likely to be an extremely popular piece. Unless it is already out of print. Among other things, the tight performance data ensure the have-want factor. So the torque increased by 50 to a smooth 600 Nm, while the engine output is now 500 HP and thus an increase of 69 HP. And all from a 3.0 liter straight six-cylinder! Inspired in this way, he storms BMW M4 DTM Champion Edition in 3,8 seconds at 100 km / h and reaches a locked top speed of 305 km / h. This is mainly due to the water injection, The cooling of the combustion chambers achieved with it shifts the performance limits upwards and thus increases the power compared to the series by 16 percent.

BMW M4 DTM Champions Edition: 500 HP from three liters of displacement!

Of course, this also needs to be demonstrated on the exterior. The design was derived from the DTM racing car and has Alpine white as the main color. No other basic color is available. The innocent tone is supplemented by a foil that underlines the relationship to the racing success of the DTM. In addition, the BMW M4 DTM Champion Edition carries many parts in visible carbon, such as the front splitter or the exterior mirror caps.

bmw m4 dtm-champions-edition-2016-my-car-blog-3
M carbon shells and roll cage: The special model makes serious

On the inside, however, the special model combines the best of both worlds. So you take a seat on M carbon bucket seats, which are covered with a mix of Alcantara and Merino leather. The 12 o'clock marking on the steering wheel and the absence of the rear seat also ensure racing flair. It is replaced by a roll bar that is always present. So that comfort is not neglected in everyday life, you don't have to do without the Navi Professional, air conditioning, adaptive LED headlights or parking aid. But the pleasure is not cheap: The Munich residents charge 148.500 euros for the trained gorgeous boy. As I said: if you can get hold of one.

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