Mini Rocketman - New Opportunity as Electric Cars?

Minis Rocketman study premiered in Geneva

The small car study Mini Rocketman could make it as an e-car but now in the series. According to a report by the British magazine "Autocar", the production of the 3,20 Meter Mini Mini has so far failed because of a missing platform. For an electric car, the architecture could develop relatively cheap, since the components needed less space than a conventional vehicle, it is said with reference to mini product chief Ralph Mahler. Thanks to the electric vehicle i3, the parent company BMW already has the necessary technology on the shelf.

The Mini Rocketman Concept celebrated 2011 at the Geneva Motor Show premiere and was quite well received. Against the background of the steady growth in size of the normal Mini, it seemed like a return to the roots of the brand. Accordingly, the speculation about a speedy serial implementation of the small four-seater was accordingly lively. So far nothing has happened in this regard.

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