New BMW operating concept - the cockpit becomes a holo-deck

BMW is working on holography for the car

Future BMW-Cars could be controlled via a holographic operating system. The group is presenting the corresponding technology on board a study at the electronics trade fair CES in Las Vegas (January 5 to 8). The so-called Holo-Active-Touch-System projects the information from the on-board computer, navigation system, etc. into the air next to the steering wheel and above the center console using several mirrors - similar to a head-up display, but without the glass surface as a screen. As with the gesture control already offered by BMW, the driver gives his instructions by hand, a camera then translates them into the corresponding commands. So that the driver notices what he is doing, haptic feedback is given after pressing a button - contactless via ultrasound.

It will probably be years before the holo technique goes into series production. BMW wants to convey the study but already an impression of the control systems in seamlessly networked and automated moving cars of the future. (Holger Holzer / SP-X)

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