News: Buy a BMW i3 with frequent flyer miles - only for over-fliers

When purchasing the BMW i3, you can have Lufthansa bonus miles credited in the future. The electric car is now part of the frequent flyer program "Miles and More"

When buying the BMW i3 can now be used to award Lufthansa bonus miles. The electric car is now part of the frequent flyer program "Miles and More". Twice a mile and back is not enough: eleven million miles are due for the 45.740 euro e-car, including various extras. For example, you would have to fly business class to the Argentine capital Buenos Aires and back a good 500 times. If you only book Eco, you would have to fly back and forth twice as often, depending on the booking class.

However, you can also combine the payment method miles and euros. However, whether this is worthwhile is another question: For 100.000 miles - this is the limit at which you can achieve the coveted "Senator" status in the "Miles and More" program - the i3 costs according to the computer in the internet shop still 45.324 euros. To reach 100.000 miles, however, you have to be traveling a lot, roughly for example, you have to fly to London once a week on business for a year - business class, of course.

If you really travel a lot, like to choose expensive booking classes and have saved your bonus miles for years, you can push the price. However, one should be able to pay the electric car in cash.

Author: Hanne Lübbehüsen / SP-X

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