Test: BMW 340i GT

It's really more of something for the little ones. Everyone else will not notice the big facelift of the small Gran Turismo. The most striking feature is the new nameplate: BMW 340i GT. That did not exist before. Our test clarifies what lies behind the innovations.

Test: BMW 340i GT

Gran Turismo, you naturally think of the long journey. Of sunsets by the sea of ​​distant countries, good food with expensive wine and great relaxation. But today the abbreviation is often misused, even sticks to inflated compact cars. For a few years now, the people of Munich have been ensuring that it is back to its original purpose.

In the threesome with good success, despite the great competition from classic touring, trendy SUVs, or the chic alternatives such as the 4 Gran Coupe. So what makes the 340i GT so special that it becomes a fixture in the lee of the more exciting models?

It is certainly his claim. He wants to offer a holistic experience. The comfort of the large sedan, while still possess the elegant appearance of the coupe, can transport like a station wagon and sit a bit above the things, as in the urban off-roaders. And while still being typical BMW.

Of course, the straight-six may not be missing. And, even if the long arm of fleet consumption has lost most of the displacement variants, it actually still exists. The 340i GT uses an engine that BMW can only build. 326PS on three-liter displacement, supported by a twin-scroll turbocharger on 450Nm. The silky and graceful, the unmistakable speech when recalling his powers - internal combustion engines are just something wonderful. That the consumption does not hurry to dizzy heights is mainly owed to the 8 gear automatic, which excellently, because imperceptibly, acts in the background, distributes the power alone on the rear axle; but also the elegance with which the GT cuts through the wind altogether.

With the facelift they have also made him slimmer in the wind. The front is re-modeled, even if it is hard to pin down specifically. The rear carries an extendable spoiler and the diffuser has been redrawn. There is also a little chrome for the tailpipes, where they are allowed to discharge even cleaner exhaust gases.

In the interior, the differences are just as little to make out. A new navigation system with the current operating generation iDrive, a hand full of modified trim, more was not necessary to substantiate the noble impression. Because: even if one hears Macherorts criticism of the current BMW interiors, so that is usually due to conservative handling of the price list. With the appropriate crosses in the leather variants, the applications and the lighting, you can quickly conjure a really classy glider from the GT.

You really do not miss much then. Five seconds on highway speed, an agility that matches the spirit of the brand and demonstrates the ease of being a perfectly balanced rear-wheel drive far away from electronically overloaded four-wheel drives, great utility thanks to its conceptually brilliant dimensions, all at prices that compare to the real heavyweights the higher classes remain surprisingly humane.

So the new BMW 340i GT is almost a decent car, as long as you talk about it in an 326PS car. But it does remain reasonable in size, yet still provides a first-class driving experience with a visual disobsciety that is missed too often today. He is a wonderfully calm and overall good car. He lives up to his name.

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