Selling a broken car - what do you need to know?

The car is an important asset and commodity in many households. In the event of an accident, the vehicle loses much of its value. Many owners fear that the way to the junkyard is inevitable. Defective cars can often still be sold. Different options are available if you want to get the highest possible price.

Who buys a broken car?

Both private individuals and commercial dealers are interested in defective cars. With an advertisement on the Internet or in newspapers you can reach prospective buyers from the surrounding area. Car lovers and hobbyists in particular are looking for a broken car and bargains. There are also some dealers who specialize in broken cars and vehicle repairs. These companies buy such vehicles cheaply in order to sell them profitably after the repair. Junk dealers buy broken cars. Subsequently, functional parts are removed for resale. On the Internet, you give the defective car a long range, so there is a good chance of getting the highest price.

The purchase price in the event of a defect

What is the purchase price for a defective vehicle? This depends on different aspects. The vehicle brand, the specific model and the age of the car are decisive. Mileage, engine and condition of the vehicle are further criteria. It is preferable to have an estimate for the broken car. If the original vehicle value and repair price are known, the potential purchase price can be easily determined. If the repair costs exceed the actual value of the car, it is a total economic loss. With a sale to hobbyists or scrap dealers you can minimize your loss.

Settlement and sales contract

A purchase contract is mandatory for a defective vehicle. Otherwise there is a risk that the buyer will later claim that you have not reported the defect. A note in the purchase contract indicates that the vehicle is defective and may not be roadworthy. As a seller, you should precisely define and describe the damage.

Sale of an accident car

The sale of an accident vehicle is also possible. You have a legal obligation to inform the buyer of the vehicle in this regard. An accident vehicle is a car with mechanical damage that goes beyond superficial damage. Scratches or dents are not enough. In the absence of information about relevant damage, the buyer has the right to cancel the purchase. This includes a refund of the purchase price.

Tips for the legally compliant sale of a defective vehicle

Anyone who decides to sell a defective vehicle should follow various tips. With the following information you make the sale legally secure. While accidental damage must be revealed, report scratches, dents, etc. on request. In the sense of an additional agreement, you should note in the purchase contract that the vehicle is defective. A concrete description of the damage avoids later problems. As with any car sale, you should deregister the vehicle from the relevant registration office before buying.

The alternative: sell individual parts instead of vehicles

If there is a serious defect or it is not possible to sell an accident vehicle, there are alternatives. For one thing, you can sell the car at scrap value. An expansion of all non-metal components is necessary. After weighing the metal frame, you will receive the scrap value for your vehicle. The sale of individual parts is also possible. The tires on an accident vehicle are usually in good condition. Other individual parts such as car radio, navigation system, rims and Co. are popular, so that you can generate income despite the defect.