The new one from Bugatti - just a bluff?

There are sports cars and there are extreme sports cars - the Italian car maker Bugatti has both variants on offer. Bugatti stands for sleek, flat sports cars with plenty of horsepower under the hood. But when the company talked about a racing car and a hyper sports car at the end of October, there weren't many who believed in the authenticity of these “most extreme sports cars of the modern age”. Nevertheless, it now seems that the car actually exists.

Fantastic numbers

The fantastic numbers that Bugatti presented quickly raised doubts as to whether the sports car really existed. From 500 km / h and from a truly monstrous one There is talk of a 16-cylinder engine. The bolide should be a real monster, with a new turbocharger and an adaptation for 110-octane racing fuel. This should mean 1850 hp or 1850 Nm Torque be possible. The car has obviously been stripped of everything on the conventional car can not do without. There are all lightweight materials that you can imagine. The result is impressive: the lightweight weighs 1240 kilograms, almost 750 kilograms less than the starting product.

A drive like in Formula 1

The body is extreme, the numbers are fantastic and the drive for the new Bugatti sports car is said to be the order of the day of a formula1 car. In combination with an already crazy lightweight it would it lap numbers which loosely blow up every dimension. If Bugatti tells the truth about what you have to assume, the bolide can complete a lap of the legendary Le Mans circuit in just 3:07 minutes. On the Nordschleife, even a time of 5:23 minutes should be possible. This would be a new fabulous record, but it would be the previous record, the Porsche 919 Hybrid Evo holds, do not undercut. According to experts, this record of 5:19 minutes cannot be topped by a Bugatti.