Cadillac takes BMW, AMG and Audi on the shovel

Automobile advertising is not easy. Good advertising certainly not. And it does not get easier with a car show. Cadillac has now shown how to secure attention, almost free of charge, in the run-up to the Geneva Motor Show!

Cadillac uses Twitter to tease BMW, Mercedes and Audi

Everything started with this tweet:

Nothing special. A tweet to draw attention to the upcoming event via Twitter.
It became funny with this tweet:

The idea was to have missed the M-Bajuwaren. But you left some donuts. Donuts? Exactly 🙂 sugar rings or black circles that you like to paint with power limousines ... 

But BMW was only the first trick, it continued with Audi:

Here you then alluded to the size and impression of the Audi advertising sign. And immediately compares the advertising sign with Cadillac. AUDI has the Cadillac among the advertising signs.

That was on February 27.02th, but not the end - one was still missing!
And Mercedes-Benz came to the 28.02. added:

At Mercedes, Cadillac wanted to improve its own “German”, but there too - no one at home anymore. So says the tweet and again the reference to the #siag - the Geneva Motor Show!

All in all, it's a nice ad and just the right way to start discussions and stimulate interest on Twitter.

The car the Socialmedia Cadillac used to go to was otherwise dhe new Cadillac CTS-V, click!



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