News: Cadillac ATS Coupé - More exotic than an Aston Martin

Confident and self-reliant: the Cadillac ATS looks good

Cadillac In Germany you almost only know as an Elvis fan. Just 97 vehicles of the US premium manufacturer have been approved in the past year in this country. The topping even exotics like Aston Martin, Maserati and Bentley quite loose. For the newest model of the traditional brand that does not have to be a disadvantage: The Cadillac ATS Coupé lives from its rarity.

Cadillac sees its mid-range two-door car as a car for discerning customers who are bored with German premium brands. That is true insofar as the coupe does not have the Audi BMW Mercedes logo that is common in this class in this country. But it is also a little hypocritical, because the ATS obviously took these three brands as its role models. Agile on the wheels, elegant in sheet metal and modern in terms of technology, the four-seater finally says goodbye to the chunky kitsch that the brand embodied for a long time after its best days in the 50s and 60s.

Inside, the ATS is well made
Inside, the ATS is well made

However, the new course has not led to formal arbitrariness: the coupé stands impressively and independently with its vertical headlights, the powerful radiator grille and the sleekly ironed body folds. And almost looks a bit too noble for a mid-range model. The interior also makes a lot with a lot of leather and wooden trim, looks a bit more baroque and playful than the cool high-tech lounges in the models of the German manufacturers. Workmanship and choice of materials are good, but not quite as perfect as at Audi and Co.

Completely un-American gives the ATS coupe the drive. Under the long hood working in Europe no six-cylinder, but only a four-cylinder, whose two-liter displacement from a turbo up to 203 kW / 276 horsepower and 400 Nm torque are elicited. Especially when cruising evenly makes the petrol engine a good figure, always provides plenty of power available and remains acoustically pleasant in the background. Who dares to step on the gas, elicits the four-cylinder Although a decent additional punch, but also a little appealing, thin metallic sound. This does not happen too seldom, even with restrained driving style, because the automatic transmission only provides six shift steps and is thus forced to make major leaps in engine speed. A little more sound design would help a lot here, but driving performance and consumption are otherwise in order. Those who save on full-throttle stages can do well over nine liters on 100 kilometers.

The chassis is completely convincing. Thanks to rear-wheel drive, elaborate axle construction and precise steering, the Cadillac takes turns smoothly and energetically, while the long wheelbase and balanced tuning ensure comfortable travel at the same time. The Germans do not find the compromise between sports and everyday life any better. A little thing bothers but then the driving pleasure with the Americans. Where "trifle" is the wrong expression - because the mirrors are the exact opposite of it. As assumed by a pick-up or the giant SUV Escalade, the two pans act left and right of the passenger cabin. So wide that behind them could hide a small truck or a middle curve exit.

Two doors, frameless windows - the ATS is a classic coupe
Two doors, frameless windows - the ATS is a classic coupé

That is really complaining on a high level. The bottom line is that the Cadillac doesn't have to shy away from comparing it to the Audi A5, BMW 4 Series or Mercedes C-Class. The comparatively low price covers smaller weaknesses. The tested variant with rear-wheel drive costs 39.600 euros; the basic equipment then already includes xenon lights, automatic climate control and metallic paint. There is an all-wheel drive variant two equipment levels higher for 47.895 euros.

Author: Holger Holzer / SP-X


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