News: Cadillac CT6 and Lincoln Continental Concept - American luxury returns

What was wrong with it? Cadillac and the Ford subsidiary Lincoln? Dusty, half-baked fare at Lincoln and no real upper class at Cadillac - yet the brands are simply the showcase for American luxury cars. But the last few years were bleak for the two giants, General Motors, the parent company of Cadillac, had Chapter Eleven (a sort of orderly bankruptcy) register, and Ford was on the brink - after all, the bankruptcy could still be averted. Now that the companies are slowly recovering and have money back in the coffers, naturally new models are in the pipeline. Namely models that finally represent the claim of these brands again.


Cadillac has been bringing one novelty after the other for quite some time now and has made itself heard with modern technology and solid workmanship. New, efficient engine technology and numerous assistants make the vehicles competitive and even make them look bad compared to the German premium rivals. So Cadillac can be carried away to offer the luxury sedan CT6 from next year also in this country. While the brand known as niche manufacturer in the past has occasionally offered individual series and versions, now the complete lineup is to come to Europe


A first live contact with the flagship leaves a positive impression. Although the whopping five-meter limo seems almost a bit conservative compared to the other Cadillac offers and also to the competition, this brings the segment with it. Only the front attracts attention with its interesting lighting design. Attention also brings the engine program, because the fans have been hotly debated in advance, whether an eight-cylinder will be used. The first data sheet shock fans classic engine building with a four-cylinder as a beginner. This is the well-known two-liter turbo with here expected 198 kW / 269 PS. For efficiency, a new three-liter twin-turbo V6 with 298 kW / 405 PS ensure that promises appropriate propulsion. As a classic, the 3,6-liter vacuum cleaner V6 (250 kW / 340 PS) has to serve. After all, a cautiously optimistic message comes from insider circles: In the course of the introduction of further engine variants, the equipped with rear or four-wheel drive (V6 issues) aluminum liner should also receive a charged V8. Now patience is needed.


A finely crafted interior with various woods and chic cowhide armchairs sweetens the Cadillac supporters waiting for the coveted aggregate. The fact that the CT6 is intended to represent a real luxury class can be seen not least in the fund-oriented equipment, which includes, for example, electrically adjustable rear seats. And that Cadillac has no more gaps in terms of electronic driver assistance, already prove the already introduced series CTS and Escalade - there is everything from the autonomous brake system including pedestrian detection to the wireless hotspot.

The Ford Group with its Lincoln Continental Concept puts a fool on it. The proverbial name of the study goes so far as to suggest that Lincoln President Kumar Galhotra is more likely to appeal to Bentley Flying Spur customers than S-Class customers. Alone the rear with the mighty single armchairs is an announcement. While the engine choice, the responsible people can recognize the current zeitgeist, but miss it in emotions: A charged three-liter Ecoboost V6 may indeed be efficient - but it is also appropriate for such a flagship? The delicate hope that perhaps still an adequate eight-cylinder moves into the next year starting production model, is at least not completely destroyed - because about further, potential drive configurations, the Lincoln boss is silent so far. If the sedan looks only half as good as the beefy study, nothing speaks against a sales success. The goal is to sell 2020 around 300.000 units but is ambitious - China or not. In addition, the European car enthusiasts have to put up with a small downside: Lincoln stays in Asia and the USA. So private importers would be in demand here.

Author: Patrick Broich / SP-X


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