The US answer to the BMW M5 CS: the Cadillac Blackwing

Cadillac now also offers the sedans CT4-V and CT5-V (on the right) as particularly sporty Blackwing versions

Cadillac - this word alone causes many to rave about and dream. Now brings that
American company launched its most powerful model to date: the Cadillac CT5-V
Blackwing has a whopping 677 hp and has a top speed of 322 km / h. This makes him a direct competitor
for the BMW M5 CS, also in terms of price.

Some improvements

Cadillac uses the fourth generation of the Magnetic Ride Control for the Blackwing
GM. The new version has improvements to both the front and the rear
Wheel suspensions, what better handling on the racetrack and more driving comfort
on the road. The Blackwing is equipped with Pilot 4S tires as standard, which are from
Michelin developed exclusively for this model. The brake pads consist of a carbon
Ceramic mixture that weighs 24 kilograms less than that
Standard brakes made of steel. However, the biggest changes are purely mechanical in nature. So there is
a slightly modified bumper on the front and a grille in deep black.

A subtly designed interior

There are also changes in the interior of the new CT5-V-Blackwing, but they are very subtle and
very elegant. The carbon fiber accents on the center console, on the steering wheel and on the are striking
The paneling of the doors and the 3D-printed gear lever are impressive. Technically similar to the
Blackwing from Cadillac's C8 Corvette. A large display provides the basic indications, like
for example the current tire pressure, the G-forces and the boost pressure. In addition, the
Blackwing an adapted launch control setting that was embedded in the display.

How much does the CT5-V-Blackwing cost?

The award of the American sports car from the traditional company will be fans of the BMW M5 CS
Cadillac likely to bring tears to their eyes. Without all the additional options and extras
the CT5-V-Blackwing from Cadillac is available from $ 84.990, which is the equivalent of almost 70.000 euros
corresponds. The chic speedster from the USA is available in electric blue and blaze orange

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