Car care - so you wash your car properly

No matter how careful you are with your car, there will be no avoiding dust and dirt. You should therefore wash your car regularly for a nicer look and a longer service life. We explain here how this works without a car wash.

The right preparation for car washing

First of all, you should have all the essential resources ready before you start washing your car. In addition to a water hose or high-pressure cleaner, this includes two buckets, sponges and microfiber cloths or special car wash cloths. These soak up the water particularly well and do not leave any streaks on the paintwork. There is also a washing brush for the car and a separate brush for the rims - don't use the same brush to avoid scratches. Car shampoo and a rim cleaner are recommended as detergents. Both should always be used as recommended by the manufacturer and only with gloves.

Wash your car in cooler weather. If it is warm, the shampoo may dry too quickly and then be difficult to remove. In addition, stains and streaks arise from the heat when drying. If you have to wash your car in summer, you should therefore put it in the shade or wash it only a few places at a time, so that the drying process is slower.

car Care - How to wash your car right

Take care of the rims first so that no new dirt gets on the car when you spray it. The rim cleaner must first act a little before removing the coarse dirt with the brush provided. Now it's the turn of the areas. Finally, the rims will wash off thoroughly.

You can now spread the car shampoo over a large area on the car. A foam sprayer and a sponge are suitable for this. But be careful: it should not be rubbed on the paint yet, but only distributed. After the exposure time, loosen the coarse dirt and dust with a high-pressure cleaner or water hose. With the washing brush, a second pass can now be made in circular movements.

In this phase, it is particularly important to wash the sponges and cloths again and again. This way you can avoid scratches and streaks. You should still not wear rings or bracelets that could scratch your car.

The right care for a washed car

Once you have washed your car, you still need some care. For example, the seals should be treated with care products so that they do not become brittle. Even polishing can not hurt. In winter, the underbody of the car must also be cleaned in the car wash to remove salt residues that would otherwise attack the car.

Use different cloths for the paint and the rims to dry. Drying is most effective and as trace-free as possible if you use one cloth to absorb most of the water and another for the remaining moisture. You can also dry hard-to-reach areas with a compressor.