Car preparation before sale

Car preparation before sale

The car is professionally cleaned during the car preparation. Minor defects or damage to the vehicle can be remedied by car reprocessing. The aim of car reprocessing is to increase the value of the car.

With a car preparation, the car can not only be visually upgraded, but also hygienically cleaned. In this article we explain what a car reprocessing is, what a professional car reprocessing can cost, why you can do a car reprocessing yourself and provide you with practical tips for exterior and interior cleaning.

Car cleaning
Auto service staff hand cleaning car interior with microfiber cloth. Car detailing and valeting concept

What is car reprocessing?

By means of car preparation, you can not only restore your vehicle to its original condition visually, but also hygienically. Vehicle preparation or car preparation are used analogously as a concept. Techniques such as small repairs, sheet metal corrections, corrections on lacquer or plastic surfaces, as well as cleaning and the sustainable removal of odors characterize the car preparation.

Whether professional workshop or self-preparation, the degree of contamination and the total extent of existing damage are decisive for vehicle preparation.

Professional car preparation?

The cost of professional car preparation depends on the type and scope of the work required. The condition of the vehicle plays a fundamental role. The workload of a professional as well as the type of cleaning and the size of the vehicle are also elementary.

In a professional auto repair shop, costs can range from around 50 euros to 100 euros per hour. Depending on the offer, fixed prices can also be set for individual parts of the car. Depending on the condition, it may not always be necessary to have a complete car reprocessing carried out. The following service packages are offered by most car refurbishing workshops:

  • Interior cleaning completely
  • Exterior cleaning completely
  • Engine cleaning
  • Rim cleaning
  • Cleaning the cockpit
  • Leather care and cleaning

Before professional car reprocessing, you should consider what exactly you want to have reprocessed. A complete interior cleaning is usually necessary to remove nicotine odor.

The cost of cleaning the interior can be quantified as follows:

  • Vacuum, also trunk: from 10 euros
  • Remove dog hair: from 5 to 20 euros
  • Upholstery cleaning: from 20 euros each
  • Neutralization of smells: from 50 euros
  • Leather cleaning: from 65 euros
  • Leather care: from 25 euros
  • Complete interior cleaning: from 100 euros
  • Vehicle headlining cleaning: from 50 euros

The costs for external cleaning can be quantified as follows:

  • Window cleaning (inside / outside): from 10 euros
  • Cleaning the rims: from 20 euros per rim
  • Body (hand wash): from 20 euros
  • Convertible top cleaning: from 50 euros
  • Polish (high gloss): from 70 euros
  • Complete external preparation: from 250 euros

The costs for engine cleaning can be quantified as follows:

  • Motor wash (dry ice): from 20 euros
  • Washing the underbody: from 30 euros
  • Engine wash (high pressure cleaner): from 40 euros

The costs for smart repair repairs can be quantified as follows:

  • Remove scrapes from aluminum rims: from 30 euros
  • Remove paint scratches: from 40 euros
  • Remove holes in the seat cover (fabric): from 50 euros
  • Remove holes in the seat cover (leather): from 80 euros
  • Smart plastic repair: from 60 euros
  • Repair windshield: from 80 euros

Carry out car reprocessing yourself?

If you prepare your car yourself, you can save enormous costs. Light soiling, minor defects and flaws on the car can be remedied yourself. It is better not to prepare everything yourself, except for the engine compartment.

If you want to prepare your car yourself, then you should consider the following tips.

Start pre-cleaning. Coarse dust and dirt should be removed in the first step. To do this, you should first clear out the car. Empty shelves and compartments and a completely empty trunk are much easier to clean than with objects. It is also advisable to remove trunk and floor mats from the car for cleaning the interior.

After cleaning up, thorough cleaning by suction is recommended. Also remove hair and clean the upholstery. Use appropriate cleaning agents for the cover. Use a special leather care for leather. If the covers are clean and the interior is vacuumed out, start cleaning the inside of the window and then take care of the plastic areas.

Cleaning carpets and removing odors from the interior is best done with special cleaning agents. Eliminate small flaws and light scratches with special repair kits.

Once you have cleaned and prepared the interior, you can dedicate yourself to cleaning the outside. To do this, use machine prewash in the first step. For basic cleaning, do an extensive hand wash with special products. Clean windows and mirrors and take care of the paint. Prepare the rims with a special rim cleaner.