Chevrolet Bolt EV Concept: Lots of range for little money

General Motors' subsidiary has the study of an inexpensive long-range electric car Chevrolet now presented at the Auto Show in Detroit (January 15-25). The Bolt EV Concept is said to offer a range of more than 300 kilometers and only cost $ 30.000 in the United States. The production model could start in 25.400.

The Bolt will then succeed the Chevrolet Spark EV mini car, which is only available in the United States and a few other markets, and will then be marketed worldwide. In Germany, where Chevrolet is no longer represented, the model could come on the market under the Opel logo. If you believe the study, GM's latest scooter will be a small crossover, in terms of size between the predecessor Spark and the compact Volt model.

The Bolt is also priced around $ 5.000 below the Volt, but unlike this, it does not offer a range extender extension. If the manufacturer's information on the maximum travel distance per battery fill remains, you would not miss it at all. Most electric cars are already much earlier, after almost 200 kilometers. Main competitor Nissan Leaf - the best-selling electric car in the USA - currently comes only around 135 kilometers in the US standard, according to the manufacturer. In terms of price, both models are at the same level, cost around $ 30.000, but are much cheaper for buyers thanks to government subsidies.

In addition to the Nissan, the announced Tesla Model 3 should also be among the keenest competitors. The car, with which the Californians want to make the breakthrough to mass production, is to be launched in 2017 at prices of around $ 35.000.

Author: Holger Holzer / SP-X

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