Driving Report Corvette Convertible C6

I had today (we are writing the year 2006), the pleasure one Corvette C6 to move over 300km.

[I apologize in advance,
300km are not really fair
towards an outsider,
but more was not possible at the time.]

To the vehicle:
Corvette C6 convertible, automatic, 2005 model.
6l V8 - 404PS and a lot of gadgets on board.

Now the worst first: This automatic transmission. An American disaster. Probably union member in normal mode and completely on LSD in sport mode.

I hope it's just because it's still the old model.
The 2006 models are now delivered with a 6-speed automatic, but the model I drove had a completely unusable 4-speed automatic.

Even though I'm really a fan of automatic transmissions. But what this 4-speed box had practiced was just scary. The shifts under load are far too hard and too nervous. If you are traveling fairly quickly, the box spoiled the character of the whole car by constantly shifting up and down, even at inappropriate moments.

Inner space:
Even more criticism: What you here at cheap PLastik offers, must really be mentioned. (Was Lada actually bought by Chevrolet?) And then processed badly. (Or are the Daewoo mechanics in exchange on the US assembly line?)
On the left side of the door, the loudspeaker grille rattles, in the middle the center console and on the right the glove box.

Processing in general:
Spaltmaß fetishists should look for another toy.
(Some gaps are so big that you can sink submarines!)

Toy is also the topic:
The motor. Hot.
Super elasticity. Revving. Torque. Nice rich sound.

The fascination of the Corvette is clearly based on the engine.
6l distributed over 8 cylinders are definitely a fine thing.

This wonderful simple engine reconciles with everything that could otherwise be criticized in the Vette. The first few kilometers you look forward to every stop-and-go phase, just so that the babbling of the engine can spoil your ear canals undisturbed.

Super annoying:
* Beep * No matter what you press in the on-board computer or in the center console, each switch is confirmed with a * beep *.
(It could of course be that the controls are constantly cursing because they were forced into such bad plastic. And since America is a free country of brave men, but must not be cursed publicly - hence the beeping?)

Play more:
Traffic jams can not only be fun because of the beautiful, sonorous idling sound of the eight-cylinder, no, the play instinct is also perfectly satisfied. Regardless of whether you want to adjust the HUD, check tire pressure or open and close the convertible top. There are tons of buttons and a lot to discover.

For rigid axles and leaf springs: Impressive!
The Corvette builds a lot of confidence and always stays clear in their reactions. Of course it is not on moped tires, but has the rubbers the width of a well-fed elephant rear. The red Vette is naturally nervous on bumpy roads, but the quieter and more stable, the smoother the tar train is.
The brakes are absolutely sufficient, only a slight squealing is heard at times. Whether that came from the fact that the Vette stood longer or I was too squeamish, I can not say so today.

Let's get to the most important everyday tests for a US car:
The passage in the McDrive succeeds straightaway, the Corvette is wide, but clear. The steering in the state also for 16-year to operate.
Negative: The cupholders hold a maximum of “a large cola” - no super-size cups. But there may be other cupholders in Amiland.
If you then adjust the suspension to comfort, you should not eat any burgers while driving. The swing also drives the last ketchup rest on the pants.
(The adjustable dampers can therefore be saved!) Even as a convertible, the Corvette is and remains more of a cruiser - so no one expects exaggerated litter.

The BOSE sound system convinces with fat basses and powerful highs, even songs that are not from Elvis Presley or the FatBoys are played without problems from the CD player.

Supposedly present. I only found a rack for jackets.

My personal opinion:
Geiler engine.
Creepy processing.
Bad 4 gearbox.
70.000 € - not worth it… unfortunately…

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