Fiat Chrysler Plans - SUV instead of limousines

The Dodge Dart was never a huge hit in the US - it will soon be discontinued

Fiat-Chrysler strengthens the SUV and pick-up production at the expense of classic cars. The group wants according to American media reports, the limousine production to 2020 massively shut down, the freed-up production capacity should then for the construction of Jeep SUVs and pick-ups used by the Ram brand. Among the most prominent victims of the new model policy include the first 2012 introduced Dodge Dart, a distant relative of the Alfa Giulietta, as well as the Chrysler 200. Its Carbio variant was briefly offered in Germany as Lancia Flavia.

Shifting production from classic cars to SUVs is not a pure Fiat Chrysler phenomenon. Worldwide, further growth is forecast for the crossover segment. According to calculations by consulting agency PwC, the production of such models in Europe is likely to grow from the current 3,5 million to 2018 to around 4,8 million units. The number of SUV models from the current 22 to 42 model series is expected to almost double among German manufacturers alone.

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