Citroën C4: Affordable update

Citroen refreshes the engine program for the C4. Less displacement, lower fuel consumption and still driving pleasure thanks to turbopower, this is how the anti-golf from France should finally be able to stand up to the German bestseller. From 21.490 Euro, the C4 is available with a new three-cylinder turbo gasoline engine (96 kW / 130 PS).

On the outside, little has changed for the five-door double-angle. The newly designed headlights in conjunction with the LED daytime running lights make the otherwise quite conservative C4 look a bit cheeky on the road. New seats, new colors, new navigation system, new aluminum wheels - all little things, all in all successful. Nevertheless, the C4 remains an inconspicuous journeyman.


The update primarily serves the diversity in the engine compartment. All offered engines now meet the 1. September applicable EU-6 emissions standard and were on average around 25 percent more economical than before. This also applies to the two new small engines with which the golf rival can now use the shelf of the parent company Peugeot. The version with 23.540 liter turbodiesel, available from 1,6 Euro, offers pleasant pulling power despite shrinking piston space and with its standard consumption of 3,8 liters per 100 kilometer it is one of the modest means of transportation.

Perhaps even more interesting is the three-cylinder turbo gasoline engine, which, with a displacement of just 1,2 liters and 96 kW / 130 PS, is one of the most modern of its kind. The decent power at low speeds allows early, so fuel-efficient upshifts. In the data sheet, 4,7 liters are based on 100 kilometers, calculated on the test bench in the test laboratory. According to the standard, the C4 with the new units is one of the least expensive in its segment.

Author: Peter Maahn / SP-X


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