Citroën C5 Tourer HDI 165 automatic

On the French tour…

Page 2 of the Citroën C5 Tourer HDI 165 automatic driving report:
While the chassis as a whole and the suspension comfort in particular are only praised, the automatic transmission can now hear a little criticism. I wouldn't mean really “French”. Too uncomfortable and those who do not handle the accelerator properly will be punished with hectic in the gear box.

Here, the automatic should be based more on the setting of the powerful diesel. Its 340 Nm are a guarantee for relaxed overtaking and a high-spirited travel mood. Even without hectic gear changes. If you can't keep the automatic in check with your foot, there is still the possibility to influence the gear selection by hand and to leave the most important - the sixth gear - engaged as soon as you have reached speed 80.

[one_third last = "no"]HDI 165:

With two liters of displacement and four cylinders, the French group engine is not a technical avant-garde. 163 PS at 3.750 revolutions and 340 Nm at 2.000 revolutions. The efficient diesel engine ensures good performance and very good fuel consumption. 

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Citroen C5 Diesel HDI 165 engine compartment

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Red wine and baguette pantry:

Citroen C5 Tourer trunk


533 liters of luggage space inside and in front of it - my now beloved - electric tailgate. However, the C5 Tourer only gets this convenient access to the luggage compartment in the Exclusive version. This practical extra is unfortunately not available in the other equipment lines for a surcharge or for good words.

A clear sign: if you want the whole pack of practical electric helpers and want to fill your trunk with red wine boxes on your next vacation in Bordeaux, you can go for the C5 Tourer in the Exclusive version and look forward to to let the tailgate open and close by magic.

Driving experience:

The C5 is made for the big tour. 1.000 kilometers in one day? No problem. Thanks to the massage function in the front seats, an excellent sitting position and the extremely comfortable chassis - you get out of the car relaxed after many hours on the highway. The entire picture of the C5 Tourer is shaped by the phenomenal hydropneumatic suspension. No matter how many people are on board, the C5 Tourer glides over bumps. As a front-wheel drive, the C5 travels steadily to understeer. He does not get involved in load change reactions and gives the feeling of real travel comfort at all times. The steering is not as sharply defined in the middle position as other manufacturers in this vehicle class, but this does not detract from the character of the touring car.

citroen C5 Tourer front view HDI

My personal recommendation:

The driven HDi 165 costs € 36.450 with automatic and in the exclusive variant - with a few hundred more quickly being spent on the optional navigation, steering bi-xenon headlights and the leather interior.

In the end, the tester had a new car price of just over € 40.000 on paper. A lot of money - for a lot more car.

The entry into the world of the “Hydraktiv III +” christened hydropneumatic suspension starts at € 28.550 in the case of the 115 kW turbo gasoline engine. You can already choose between the Tendance and the Exclusive equipment. Only the 88 kW basic petrol engine is available in the same basic equipment: Attraction.

The full competence of the French can, however, be experienced more in connection with the smooth-running turbo diesel engine. The choice is between 114 PS, 140 PS, 163 PS, 204 PS and the 241 PS strong V6 diesel top model V6HDi 240. From the HDi 140 onwards, all C5s crack the 200 km hurdle 🙂 - those who are often on the highway and who If you are looking for a C5 Tourer as a company car, you should probably take this into account.

With 163 hp, the HDi 165 is the sensible solution, the 200 hp diesel can do a whole lot more sportily and the V6 throws its motoric subtlety that only six cylinders have in the car shell, but the C5 is more cruiser and glider than athletes and Low-flying aircraft - the price difference can therefore be invested more sensibly in the equipment.

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