Citroen DS5 Hybrid

If I look at the DS5 superficially, I have to admit that the French are finally building fresh and elegant vehicles again. If I go into the details that caught my eye when looking at the station wagon / van concept, then I see dozens of possible interpretations in avant-garde design. A playful design that is neither infantile nor dumb - but in fact revives something like the old spirit and chic of French automotive art.

I'm impressed with the Citroen DS5 Hybrid.

The DS5 is also available without the current hybrid drive, quite classic in two versions with gasoline or diesel engine. Personally, I am a friend of modern technology, experiments and hybrid drives. And so I wanted to drive the DS5 clearly in its hybrid variant.

Hybrid means in Citroen in this case:

A four-cylinder diesel engine front transverse, this drives the front wheels and an electric motor near the rear axle, for driving the rear wheels. The battery package has the French packed in the vicinity of the electric motor and thereby shrink the trunk volume of the DS5 Hybrid to a modest size.

Hybrid diesel - made by Citroen, means: hover silently?

In principle, yes - but unfortunately always too short. And then the DS5 Hybrid quickly reveals its biggest problem ... oh dear. About the “hover”, a big problem and many DS5 details more later. At the latest in the big driving report. Because the DS5 will also receive its point evaluation and that means at the same time: The truth is near 😉


Until then - take a look at the DS5 in detail:




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