Driving Report: Citroën C1 PureTech 82

The dreary everyday life of a car blogger: Drive a small car and then you have to write something clever about the car. If the small car comes at the end even from France, you imagine that first hard. Nothing that makes your heart beat, wet hands, or sweaty sweat. Boredom is spreading in this program. Actually.

French weeks
Part 1

In the driving report:

Citroën C1 PureTech 82

One of three. Almost 10 years ago, PSA (Citroën, Peugeot and Toyota) sat down at a table for the first time and decided to cooperate with the small cars. Such small cars are damn ungrateful day-to-day business, not just for car bloggers, but also for automobile manufacturers. Small cars are unsexy. And they have to be cheap. Cheap but leaves no room for “coolness”, cheap lets the margin shrink. So - just an ungrateful field. And that in the end “the French” and “the Japanese” found each other to work together, may have been surprising. The two cultures aren't really related. All the more surprising the result. Toyota Aygo, Citron C1 and Peugeot 108 are "triplets", whose optical relationship relates to the manageable total length (3,46 m). What do you taste out of the C1? Sushi on scallop? Frog legs in Sake?

Driving report citroen c1 15 airscape 82 ps feel

Schiele my eyes, kid

These comparisons with the food do not work. Not at Japanese cars, not at Italian and not even with the French. And certainly not with combinations. So back to the start. Despite the cooperation between Toyota, Peugeot and Citroën, each of the triplets has been given a completely different face. The C1 sports ellipsoid headlights, a blinker eyebrow, and neat daytime running lights. The four doors cost 450 € extra and the large folding sunroof is one of the Airscape models. And as already indicated in the introduction, such a fabric top the size of Napoleonic field coats simply belongs to the C1. That turns the “cheap 4-wheel disclaimer” into a trendy and hip small car - € 1.000 more expensive than “without” an oversized fresh air hatch, but hey - at € 8.890 basic price you can talk about it - right?

196 liter of red wine volume

In the test C1 there were four doors, a large tailgate and an even larger fabric folding roof. All this does not mean that the C1 would offer itself for the big holiday trip to four. Kids may like two in series with the non-retractable windows in the doors, I personally would accept the second row as an emergency cookie to the taxi ride for too much sake enjoyment, but not for more. The place is manageable, I want to say. Easily manageable.

In the trunk, behind the neat black glass flap, it is hardly more opulent. There is room for a bag of croissants, three baguettes and a bottle of this red wine - which lay over my tongue like the fur of a dead cat the next morning - there is room for it. Or for a pack of Dior shoes. Or Deichmann. In liters? 196 and thus in a league with Volkswagen Up! and consorts.

Or just for two in Brittany? Great idea. The seats in row one are surprisingly comfortable, despite the thin backrests and short seat. The headrests are unfortunately - a terrible but currently modern bad habit - firmly integrated into the backrest. Colorful for that. The color image TV test pattern fits perfectly with the red contrast color of the sunroof and mirror caps. Together with the innocent white of the little Frenchman, the mixture looks lively, modern and trendy, but not so youthful that in the early 40s you would no longer dare to go downtown in daylight.

Driving report citroen c1 31 airscape 82 ps feel

Three pots for an “Oui!”

There is the Citroën C1 with a three-cylinder gasoline engine with 69 hp to match the child's face. The second engine and the drive of the test car are less small cars. Since the little child motor does not even have to get by with the displacement of a milk bottle, the 82 hp motor still pumps its joie de vivre from three pots, but from at least 1.199 ccm³.

There is no more choice. Diesel, gas, electric or hybrid? Not with the triplets of PSA and Toyota. The loss is limited, because the 82 PS gasoline engine turns out in the test period as a tip-top engine. Fast-paced, lively, relatively economical even on the last groove and with an exciting soundscape.

82 PS range for a driving experience similar to that of driving pleasure. Of course, a small car with French roots and Japanese DNA is not intended for the hunt on highways and highways. Theoretically not. Practically just the Citroën C1 scrubbed us well (2.250) kilometers in the test period. The Consumption tests there were only the beginning.

The rough sound of the three-cylinder transforms with increasing speeds in a vigorous hum. Suspension and damping let the city flea happily sprinkle even at maximum speed on the highway. The very small Frenchman looks outrageously grown-up. Near the 5.750 turns, the three-cylinder roars with sarcastic undertone for the added value of larger cars. 170 km / h are still fast enough. Or?

Will to save

While the three-spoke steering wheel with the buttons for volume and mobile phone use still looks valuable, the cockpit illustrates the need to save. Everything simple. Everything easy. Everything plastic. That's not surprising, because we know about the cost issue. That staged the tachometer as a simple LED fairy lights, the famose small three-cylinder petrol engine has not earned. And that this thing still costs 50 € surcharge, it does not make better.

An extreme balancing act distinguishes the C1. Probably his brothers too. Because on the one hand you can see the necessary cuts on the topic of choice of materials, on the other hand, the Airscape PureTech 82 is well equipped. Tempo limiter and the radio with Bluetooth are good examples. The test car (in the photos) also carries the 15-inch alloy wheels. This also makes the microcars C1 pretty grown-up.

test consumption

[tabgroup] [tab title = ”Everyday driver”] In terms of standard consumption, Citroën gives an average of 4.3 liters per 100 kilometers. In the cycle for the everyday driver we came to 5.4 liters. [/ tab] [tab title = ”Eco-Expert”] In the eco program we have reduced the consumption of the 82 PS Citroën C1 to 3.2 liters. [/ tab] [tab title = ”Without consideration ”] 7.6 liters, more is not possible. Then the three-cylinder rotates diligently on the motorway .. [/ tab] [/ tabgroup]

Driving report citroen c1 16 airscape 82 ps feel

Pay please.

It starts at € 8.890 - but without a folding sunroof and without a whim. No, as with all modern cars, the base price is just the base price. The start of what is to come. In the case of the C1, 5 doors make sense, even if you are not traveling with four adults. Simply because it is easier to accommodate children in row 2 if you don't have to climb between the folded seat back and the B-pillar. And the 82 hp engine is also a must. That brings you to € 11.400. With “Airscape” and as “Feel” the base price becomes € 13.000. Then you should put the 15-inch rims on the list and go into price negotiations for € 13.520.

Driving report citroen c1 75 airscape 82 ps feel



You could criticize a lot. Plastic. Lacquered sheet metal in the interior or just the loveless tachometer. The fact is: The C1 is a cheap city mobile. With 82 PS, he does not shy away from highway tours and that's what makes him extremely grown-up.

The real criticism is actually only the lack of a start-stop automatic for the 82 PS engine left.

Driving report citroen c1 86 airscape 82 ps feel

At the end...

The pulse of the little C1 may not bring in the first moment, but dreary, the Citroën C1 is certainly not. Especially not in this combination. The 82 PS engine is a little bon vivant and with the large fabric roof, spring mood is once again the order of the day in autumn.

It's still difficult for me to write “clever” things, but I have found an opinion about the Citroën C1:

If small cars from France, then so! With folding sunroof almost as relaxed as the 2CV from the last millennium, thanks 82 PS Dreitopf Motörchen but much more lively. Thumbs up! 

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Here is the Citroën configurator

Vehicle registration: Citroën C1 82 HP

Class:A segment
Transmission:5G manually
Drive:front-wheel drive
displacement:1.199 cc
Power / power (electric motor):82 hp b. 5.700 rpm | -
Torque: / Torque (E-Motor):118 Nm b. 2.750 rpm | -
Weight ready to drive:965 kg (EEC with driver)
From 0 to 100:11 s
Top speed .:170 km / h
Consumption of petrol (NEDC):4.3 liter
CO2 output (NEDC):99 g / km
Emission Class:EU 5
CW value:
Photos in the article: Bjoern Habegger Cover photo: Bjoern Habegger

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