Driving Report: Citroën C4 Cactus PureTech 82 Shine Edition

Citroen C4 Cactus stands out from the crowd

The world is changing ... So Citroen was in the new edition of the C4 in the conception and wanted to meet the growing customer expectations.
With the C4 Cactus they have succeeded completely, because not only the name stands out from the growing market of the C-segment. It is the unique design that combines utility and aesthetics.

The Citroen C4 Cactus offers more design as well as comfort and useful technologies. The price list starts at 13.990 Euro.

A successful concept

An extraordinary design

The C4 started in the compact class in 2004 as a station wagon, coupe and sedan. Some special models such as the Picasso followed. Now one would like to respond more to customer expectations with the Cactus. This includes the introduction of technological innovations as well as lowering the price. Citroen has managed this balancing act very well.

During the first tests, we found that the new C4 Cactus can cope with potholes and bumps on the road much better and thus offers more stability and more comfortable driving behavior. We also get more feedback about the steering, which steers much better into both wide and narrow corners and thus gives the vehicle better stability. The vehicle is also very stable and comfortable when it comes to driving in a straight line on motorways.

State-of-the-art engines

Latest engine technology
Latest engine technology

A three-cylinder turbo gasoline direct injection engine is used under the hood of our test vehicle. The 1.2 PureTech 82 sets new standards for three-cylinder engines in this displacement class. While the gasoline engines are available with three output levels with 75 HP, 82 HP and with 110 HP, the diesel units with two output levels with 99 HP and 92 HP get by. Both the PureTech5, PureTech 75 and the "small" 82 hp diesel e-HDi 92 ETG92 meet the Euro 6 emissions standard. All other engines equipped with Start & Stop technology already meet the Euro 6 emissions standard. In terms of CO2 emissions, both gasoline-powered vehicles with between 100 and 107 grams and diesel vehicles with 82-94 grams of carbon dioxide per kilometer make a “very clean” impression. With the exception of the e-HDi 92 ETG6 with its 6-speed manual transmission, all other engines get by with a compact five-speed manual transmission, which is characterized by minimized friction, precise gear changes and a high level of comfort.

The PureTech 82 with 60 kW offers decent 118 Newtonmeter torque starting at 2750 revolutions per minute. The common-rail diesel models come with up to 254 Nm at around 1.750 revolutions and promise a strong passage in the overall package. This is of course also the extreme weight savings of 200 kg (compared to a Citroen C4) owed, which Citroen achieved, inter alia, by the latest engine generation with low cylinder numbers.

CO2 savings also through weight savings

CO2 savings also through weight savings
CO2 savings also through weight savings

Further weight savings were achieved by the developers with a compact and lightweight platform, high-quality materials such as high-elasticity steel and aluminum as well as "details" such as rear pop-up window (11 kg) and a one-piece fold-down rear bench (6 kg). All of this reduces fuel consumption and so the Blue HDi 100 Diesel comes with its output of 82 g / km just 3,1 l per driven 100 kilometers (manufacturer).

In terms of looks, the designers have done a great job. The C4 Cactus “stands out” in the truest sense of the word from the standard dimensions of the C-segment. Last but not least, the panels, which are not designed in the vehicle color, give the vehicle the flavor it needs. There are also small details such as the exterior mirror housing in a different color (surcharge € 50) or the panoramic glass roof with high heat protection function (surcharge € 490). A Park Assist package at € 390 rounds off a successful package of accessories in the test vehicle supplied. The reversing camera integrated in the navigation system makes parking easier, even for inexperienced drivers.

Everyday life?

Good load volume
Good load volume

Inside, with a vehicle length of 4,16 meters, there is space for up to five people. In the cabin, we are surprised by the good quality of materials and workmanship. The extremely wide front seats, for example, do not look ergonomically styled but rather like nuts on the sofa. The well-structured cockpit with the instrument panel as an eye-catcher and control center also ensures a generous feeling of space. The only thing the C4 cannot have is a tachometer. Speed-oriented drivers will have to adapt here. The trunk volume of 358 liters (seated) is not exactly generous, but if you fold down the rear seat, a whole 1.170 liters open and it works again in the supermarket or hardware store. Numerous new technologies such as static cornering lights are now available in the new Cactus. At a starting price of 13.990 euros, the vehicle is available as a sporty five-door hatchback with a 1,2-liter petrol engine. The powerful diesel models start at a price of € 18.990.

Technical data: Citroen C4 Cactus PureTech 82 Shine Edition

Manufacturer: Citroen
Type: C4 Cactus
Cashbox: compact class
Engine: R3
Transmission: 5-speed manual transmission
Drive: front-wheel drive
displacement: 1.199 cc
Power:  from 82 HP
torque: 118 Nm
Weight ready to drive: 1.142 kg
From 0 of 100: 12.9 s
Top speed .: 171 km/h
Consumption (NEDC): 4,6 liter
CO2 output (NEDC) 107 g / km
Emission class EU 5
efficiency B
CW value: -
Comment -



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