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First test drive in freshly made Citroën Berlingo

That some hit CDs sell better than those of some rock-titans or pop chart-stormers, you might not even believe in the first moment. Hardly anyone admits to hear them. In addition the songs so inconspicuous, so in the background, nevertheless some are for years an endurance runner, a catchy tune.
Sometimes there is that in the automotive segment too. The French car maker Citroën has such a catchy tune in its range. The Berlingo, founder of the high-roof station wagon segment, has been part of the portfolio since 1996 and with a total of over 2,9 million vehicles sold has already earned multiple double platinum awards.
In the course of an engine modernization, in order to meet the latest emission standards, he received a small optical boost to the Geneva Motor Show, a total of the fourth in the current model. We are in advance in the French home of multi-talented, which will be from June at the German dealers.

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"We are Family", the famous song by Sister Sledge, probably ran during the development phase of the current version. And that should be the fans of this vehicle concept. What has been good so far remains good and so the Berlingo Multispace has only been improved or modernized in nuances.
This includes the new 7 inch touchscreen display with mirror screening. This will mirror the applications of a smartphone to the touch screen. Very handy if you want to control your own web radio apps conveniently via the large monitor. Currently, this works only by cable connection, from November 2015 also wirelessly. By coupling with the smartphone in the new Berlingo also a practical voice control can be activated. Telephoning, listening to music and reading and writing messages are then conveniently possible while driving, without being distracted by the traffic or by the children in the back seat.

cl% 2015.036.024
Inside, the new Berlingo course should remain as practical and family-friendly as before, just with a more modern paint. There are now two new seat covers, "Quad" in a different color and "Liberia" exclusively for the best equipment lines XTR and Shine, which we move during our test drive through Provence. Beautifully fits the new exterior color "Acier-gray", which in addition to the other new color "mocha brown" is now selectable.
Four equipment variants can be selected by the predominantly young family customers who prefer life to chic vehicle boasting. These are the names of the Live, Feel, Shine and XTR lines, which contain a visual cross variant with underride protection and colored fender protection in aluminized gray. These applications suit him well and allow him to further document the “Young & Fun” family character.

cl% 2015.036.019

The separately opening rear window and two sliding doors on the side - one is only available in the basic configuration - make it a variable loading master. Inside, the “Modutop” roof equipment is intended to offer additional storage space above the occupants' heads. We are not convinced of this, since small objects move back and forth without hold and the roof windows available in connection do not have a blind. Of course they are tinted, but when the sun is shining in summer, warming scalp rays are constant companions. The advantage is, of course, that the interior is flooded with light even more, but the Berlingo Multispace is adequately supplied with window areas that make the interior pleasantly bright even without glass surfaces in the roof.

The rear seats are individually adjustable and can be removed completely from the Berlingo. Very handy when a Swedish furniture store, the new nursery equipment in the French all-rounder should be packed.
The most important aspect of the current modification is the conversion of the engine range to the new Euro 6 standard. The new generation of engines that Citroën introduced at the end of 2013, especially the BlueHDI engines, already meet this future standard today. At the start, the Multispace will be available with two diesel versions with 98 hp and 120 hp, plus two diesel versions with 99 hp and 120 hp. A 5-speed manual gearbox is built into the petrol and small diesel engines as standard, while the Berlingo is equipped with a manual 120-speed gearbox for the first time in the large BlueHDI 6 Stop & Start engine.
9.100 approvals last year for the Citroen Berlingo. That should not be less with the refresher. It retains its robust character as a reasonably priced multi-function vehicle for the elderly who need a simple, easy-to-use and comfortable vehicle for shopping, as well as the budget-minded young family. For practical use, there are now optional modern equipment and security details such as a rear view camera and the Active City Brake. This automatic braking system, available from November 2015, helps to avoid collisions up to a speed of 30 km / h. If necessary, the system brakes the Berlingo to a standstill without the intervention of the driver.

So modernized, should the Berlingo as an automotive catchy tune will continue to be placed in the top charts of its vehicle class.


 Text: Bernd Schweickard © Photo: Citroen, Bernd Schweickard

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