Geneva 2014: highlight number 1 - the Citroen C4 Cactus

Is he brave, crazy, or just a typical Frenchman?

With the C4 Cactus presented to the world public for the first time in Geneva, the French automobile manufacturer presents a special model. A prickly name, but neither inside nor on the outside of the sheet are spines to find. But on the contrary. The C4 Cactus, by the way, on the current EMP2 platform The PSA Group is based solely on new ideas. For example: For the first time there are soft plastic pads on the outside of an automobile. So ugly park bumpers are to belong to the past. Beautiful thought. Unusual in design.

In the interior one concentrates with the C4 Cactus, like with the Brother C4 Picasso, on the most necessary instruments and switches. Infotainment and air conditioning can be controlled via the seven-inch touch screen and otherwise the interior is particularly tidy.

Add to that French seats, as wide as a sofa and hopefully just as comfortable. The C4 Cactus does a lot different than previous cars. Above all, he wants to be comfortable, practical, useful and completely trouble-free.



I would have baptized him C4 Couch and not Cactus.


Canon EOS 6D - Photos Bjoern Habegger

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