Buying advice Citroën Berlingo Multispace

Family cars - something worse can hardly happen to a car freak and motor journalist. This mixture of common sense and renunciation clearly makes the friend of automobile freedom frown. But as with everything in life, you have to deal with these vehicles first to understand them. I would never have driven a Renault Kangoo, Volkswagen Caddy or even a Citroën Berlingo before. So I was all the more excited about my time with the Berlingo - the result was buying advice for the right family high-roof van:

Buying advice Citroën Berlingo Multispace

Space for a lot of reason

The design

The Berlingo was one of the first so-called high-roof station wagon. A mix of a van and a station wagon. In the case of the Berlingo, the gro0e and high interior was filled up mainly with storage compartments and practical details. The front has been dominating the mandatory LED daytime running lights since the last facelift. At the rear, there is a barn door large tailgate and on both sides of the Berlingo wearing particularly practical sliding doors.

The design of the 4.38 meter long Berlingo is spared timeless elegance or trendy sportiness even in the eye-catching Belle Ille blue metallic. Reason with glamor. 

The comfort

Dog, cat, mouse and all the rest of a family of five will find ample space on softly upholstered and adequately shaped seats. Thanks to the three single seats in the second row, five adults also have the opportunity to use the spacious French for a longer trip. The suspension comfort increases with each additional rider. Alone, the Berlingo remains an under-privileged partner. The Berlingo reckons with the entire team, then he also swallows subtle bumps.

The comfort of the 1.85 meter high Berlingo is more a matter of payload and use as a moving storage, because of commuter everyday life for solo riders.  Place in front of comfort.

Citroën Berlingo high roof Van

The trunk

There are probably families who get everything in the trunk for the first time when shopping for a weekend with the Berlingo. With a depth of just under one meter, a width of up to 1.23 meters and a loading volume of up to 3.000 liters (rear seats taken out), the Berlingo is not only convincing when used as a family vehicle - even the self-employed and craftsmen should be more than convinced by this minibus trunk .

The trunk can be loaded via the huge tailgate as well as - from the XTR / and Exclusive version - via the separately opening rear window.  Cargo space instead of show. Equipment recommendation: Exclusive!

The security

In the basic Attraction version, the Berlingo comes up with 4 airbags in series. ESP, ASR and ABS are also on board, as is a hill start aid that prevents rolling back on the mountain. From the Tendance variant, there are also head airbags for the first and second row. From XTR and Exclusive there is also an automatic driving light switch and a rain sensor. Both options that I see as fundamental today. The lighting of the Berlingo deserves criticism: LED daytime running lights from the XTR or Exclusive version upwards work here, but the low and high beams work with the 30-year-old H4 lamp.

In the crash test, the spacious family van 4 from 5 has reached stars. The base is right. Equipment recommendation: Exclusive!

The drive

Citroën offers two petrol engines with 98 or 120 hp and three diesel engines with an output of 75 to 114 hp. The powerful diesel engines go particularly well with the family friend's light commercial vehicle charm. The petrol engines are generally only available with a manual 5-speed gearbox, the diesel engines in the middle 92 HP version with an automated 6-speed gearbox, as I have otherwise Citroën DS5 Hybrid could learn.

The Berlingo offers plenty of space, who wants to come this useful and yet powerful forward, which clearly attacks the HDi 115. Torque before revving.

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