New DS 4

More than three years after the end of production of the DS 4, DS Automobiles is celebrating its comeback in the compact class in 2021. The new edition does a lot differently than its predecessor.

At the end of the noughties, PSA subsidiary Citroen flirted with the image “Made in Germany” in the advertising campaign for the then new C5. What was still marketing with a lot of winking at the time will become pragmatic reality in the newly forged Stellantis Group in 2021. Because among other things, DS Automobiles will have its new compact model DS 4 built in Rüsselsheim.

Typically DS

While previous models from DS Automobiles were styled more feminine, the new DS 4 comes across as a classic compact model with an astonishingly tight-fitting sheet metal dress and masculine beading. With a length of 4,40 meters, it protrudes slightly beyond the standard for its class. A few details qualify him as a representative of the DS brand, such as a powerful radiator grille in a diamond design, decorative lighting units at the front and rear, or the door handles introduced with the DS3 Crossback, which are flush with the sheet metal and only extend when necessary. The vertically aligned daytime running lights bundling a total of 98 LEDs are particularly striking. Although the upcoming compact DS affords some extravagance, its new style should be more compatible with the masses than before.

In order to cater to different car tastes, the DS 4 will be available in three versions: In addition to the classic compact version, there will also be a sporty, accentuated performance line and the cross, which looks very similar to an SUV. Thanks to an underrun protection and a special sill look, the latter variant looks like a little brother of the DS 7. Exclusively for the Cross, DS offers Advanced Traction Control, which is supposed to ensure better traction and also a sand, snow and mud mode and hill descent aid includes.


The interior of the DS 4 also marks a further evolutionary step, which continues to meet the stylish premium standards. Materials, surfaces, lines and seams do not look like bar goods. At the same time, DS goes one step further when it comes to touching the workplace: As before, many functions, such as the air conditioning, are no longer controlled via direct buttons, but via a central touchscreen in XL format. DS promises a new generation of displays, which should be characterized by higher resolution, quick responsiveness and better contrasts and colors. In the center console there is also a completely new mini display called Smart-Touch, which can be used to control many functions with swiping and zooming gestures. This offers two advantages: To make changes while driving, you no longer have to stretch your right arm to reach the display. In addition, annoying fingerprints on the central display screen can be avoided. The DS 4 will also have the new DS Iris infotainment system, which can be used to store user profiles, and functions can be controlled using gestures or speech together with a virtual assistant.

One of the innovations of the DS 4 is a large head-up display, which shows not only driving-related information, but also navigation instructions or current music tracks. With the help of an optical illusion, the driver also sees indications on the lane around four meters from the windshield, which should make it easier for him to keep an eye on what is happening on the road. With the help of an infrared camera, the compact Frenchman can also recognize people or animals up to 200 meters away and show corresponding warnings in the head-up display. The full LED matrix headlights, which allow driving with permanent high beam and also dynamically illuminate the curve, should also ensure good visibility.

Hybrid is best

For the DS 4, a diesel, a plug-in hybrid drive and three gasoline engines in the power range from 100 kW / 136 PS to 165 kW / 225 PS will be available. All drive variants are combined with an eight-speed automatic. The top version is a plug-in hybrid drive, which has a four-cylinder gasoline engine with 132 kW / 180 PS and an electric motor with 81 kW / 110 PS. The system output is 165 kW / 225 PS, the purely electric range is over 50 kilometers.

DS promises a dynamic and at the same time comfortable driving experience thanks to the Active-Scan chassis. At the center is a camera-controlled suspension, thanks to which the damper hardness adapts to the condition of the road. Among other things, information from a camera located in the windshield, which scans the lane in front of the vehicle, is evaluated. If this discovers roughly rough bumps, the damping is preconditioned accordingly.

We'll have to wait until the end of the year

DS Drive Assist 2.0 is the name of the extended technology package for automated driving skills, which enables autonomous driving at level 2 with the help of cameras, radar and laser radar. The innovations include automatic speed adjustment in curves or according to the speed limits shown by traffic signs, as well as semi-automatic overtaking maneuvers and more precise positioning in the lane.

In the fourth quarter of 2021, the French want to launch the new DS 4 in Germany. A price has not yet been named, but the basic version should cost a lot more than its smaller brother, the DS 3 Crossback, which starts at around 25.000 euros.

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