News: Citroen C4 with automatic - The diesel gets the converter

Who in the Citroen So far, C4 with a diesel engine did not want to shift itself, so had to choose the version with automated manual transmission. Now there is a real automatic converter for the first time. The six-speed box is only available in combination with the 88 kW / 120 hp 1,6-liter diesel; the compact then costs from 25.040 euros. The surcharge compared to the manual version with six gears is 1.500 euros. The automated transmission (ETG), which was previously available for a surcharge of 800 euros, is no longer part of the range.

Ultimately, automated transmissions are manual transmissions, in which the coupling and gear change are carried out by electric motors. Although they are cheaper than the technically much more complex converter machines, there is a clearly noticeable interruption in tractive power when shifting, which many drivers find unpleasant. Citroen intends to continue using the ETGs, especially in small and price-sensitive models, but will offer the automatic converter in larger vehicles.

Author: Holger Holzer / SP-X


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