Dacia Lodgy / Dokker Facelift - Discreetly upgraded

In March 2017 comes the Dacia Lodgy slightly revised in Germany on the market

Only recently Dacia revised the Logan / Sandero family in details. Now follows a mini-facelift for the van duo Lodgy and Dokker. Despite a revival, the prices of the basic variants remain at a low level.

The Dacia Dokker also benefits from the model care measures

The most striking change is a new radiator grille in which a honeycomb grid inherits the previous cross-link optics. On the tailgate, there will also be a chrome clasp on the license plate. The measures also benefit from the Stepway variants, which now look more robust and modern. For the Stepways, there are also new 16 inch wheels. In addition to the Silver Line Dacia will also take dark wheels in the future program.

Also in the interior of the Lodgy a lot has happened. Among other things, the ventilation nozzles have been modified

Inside, Lodgy and Dokker were also redesigned. So there is a new four-spoke steering wheel with a softer surface and control buttons. The ventilation nozzles have also been redesigned. In some places, a new satin finish adds a little more shine. The previously two-color dashboard of the Stepway variants has been replaced by a uniformly dark. As novelties, the Vans also offer a driver armrest, folding tables in the rear and a rear-view camera.

New in the Dacia Lodgy is a chrome clasp on the tailgate

The revised Dacia Vans can already be ordered. Official market launch in Germany is 2017 in mid-March. The prices for the basic variants remain unchanged. As before, the Dokker will have from around 9.000 Euro, the Lodgy costs at least 10.000 Euro. (Mario Hommen / SP-X)

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