Dacia Sandero facelift - saving car with added value

For model year 2017 comes the Dacia Sandero with some innovations in the market

With 6.890 Euro the price for the Dacia Sandero remain in model year 2017 at undiminished low level. Nevertheless, thanks to a facelift, the little Romanian offers added value in the future.

Contributing to this is, among other things, a new 1,0-liter three-cylinder basic gasoline engine with 54 kW / 73 PS, which will consume 5,2 liters a good ten percent less than the previous entry-level engine. A value that does not seem far from reality because the on-board computer showed 5,4 liters at the end of our test drive. The naturally aspirated engine purrs loudly without making any intrusive noise. If you use the five-speed gear eagerly, you will feel fast ahead. Officially, however, the standard spurt lasts 14,5 seconds, peak is already reached at 162 km / h.

In addition to the basic unit is still a 0,9-liter three-cylinder turbo to choose from. This provides 66 kW / 90 PS and 140 Nm at 4,9 liters consumption. 66 kW / 90 PS also mobilizes the 1,4-liter diesel, which, like the equally powerful gasoline engine, is available with a manual five-speed gearbox or automated manual transmission.

For model year 2017 the Sandero was also upgraded visually. The grille now carries a honeycomb grille, the headlights integrated LED daytime running lights, while the rear lights with new graphics in scene. In the interior, there are also new upholstery fabrics and applications in chrome look. In addition, the switches of the windows went into the door inner lining. Overall, the interior - at least in the highest equipment line - is quite appealing for the prices.

The top version called Laureate costs 9.090 Euro. Then air conditioning, windows, radio, on-board computer and a height-adjustable driver's seat on board. However, you will still have to do without a few things when upgrading Sandero: Connectivity solutions, emergency brake assist, lane keeping warning or traffic sign recognition are not good words for money. (Elfriede Munsch / SP-X)

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