On to the second shift - the new Dacia Duster

A proverb says: Who buys cheap, buys twice. On the other hand, who buys low, saves real money. The second generation of the Dacia Duster also starts with an unbeatable entry-level price for 11.490 Euro for a SUV. That's exactly 1000 Euro more than before. While low prices were previously achieved mainly by eliminating various extras, the Romanian Renault subsidiary now uses corporate technology and has managed to bring in a number of sensible options that might not have been expected from Dacia. Without much to turn the price screw.

Visually, there is little change. Widened fenders, more pronounced flared wheel arches and a much higher compared to its predecessor underrun protection to show where the journey can go. The Duster, to German Staubwedel, should tackle and work and do not schnieke shining in front of the theater. Although the new chrome trim in the grille, the head designer Laurens van den Acker has given it in the face, and the eye-catching new divide "Taklaman-Orange" have nothing to do with a Blaumann.

The reversing camera actually makes a good all-round view unnecessary

Inside, too, chrome around the ventilation nozzles and the shift knob help to enhance the appearance of the Duster, which is sold as a Renault in Russia, South America and much of Asia. Partially foamed surfaces and a seven-inch touch screen dominating the scenery for the extensive infotainment and navigation reveal that the Duster no longer wants to be just the die-hard Billigheimer. If you like, you can now maneuver camera support into the parking space, although the proper all-round visibility does not actually require that. There are innovations such as the automatic climate control, the keyless entry system, a blind spot assistant and the standard window airbags for the driver and front passenger even more enrichment. The all-wheel drive is now always on a downhill help back, which is like the already in the basic versions standard Hill Start Assist new for the Duster.

All-wheel drive only with manual six-speed gearshift

The petrol engines are available with 114 hp (with front-wheel drive and five-speed gearshift or with all-wheel drive and six-speed gearbox) or with 129 hp (with front-wheel drive and six-speed or with all-wheel drive and six-speed). Renault announces an LPG variant with a 109 hp petrol engine for next year. at. Those who love diesel have to put up with the fact that the two diesel engines with 90 and 109 hp should be satisfied with 4,4 liters (with all-wheel drive 4,7l), but are not yet Euro 6d-temp compliant. Renault only offers all-wheel drive for the more powerful engine and only in combination with a six-speed gearbox. This means that the Duster copes well on asphalt and on boulders with a ground clearance of 21 centimeters, which can be observed on the 4 × 4 monitor. There, in remote cases, a compass shows the way in the terrain, and the slope and side slope are also displayed.


20.570 Euro for the best in the Duster

On the country roads around the Nürburgring the Duster lacks a lot to the Kurvenräubern, as it is usual on the Nordschleife. For this he builds up too high. But with the new electric power steering, which becomes more direct at higher speeds, driving fun still comes along, with a firmer suspension that would increase even more. If you only want to treat yourself to the best in your Dacia Duster, you will not get 20.570 Euro. For comparable models of competitors does not even open the shop door.

Text and pictures: Solveig Grewe (interior photos manufacturer)

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