The KBA figures in March - new vehicle registrations | The winners!

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The new Volkswagen up!

With 3.182 vehicles, the VOLKSWAGEN UP is clearly ahead. A total of 20.260 vehicles were registered in the “Minis” segment. The VW UP is followed by Renault Twingo with 2.989 and smart fortwo as well as Fiat 500 with 2.681 vehicles each.

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small car

VW Polo KBA winner in March

The Volkswagen Polo won the small car segment with 6.489 vehicles. A total of 46.869 vehicles were sold. In second place is the Ford Fiesta with 2 vehicles and the Opel Corsa with 5.051 models sold takes third place.

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compact car

PI-VR GmbH vred 6.07

The compact car segment is also called golf class. With models sold with 21.969 the VW Golf continues to be the number 1 in this segment. Total sold were 72.405 vehicles. 2 follows the 1er BMW with 5.964 vehicles and the Mercedes A-Class with 5.431 models is ranked 3.

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middle class

BMW 3 winner KBA march

The mid-range could win the 3er series from BMW with 6.830 vehicles for themselves. In second place follows the VW Passat with 6.359 vehicles. The Mercedes C-Class is ranked 4.891 with 3 models sold. Overall, 33.945 models found their way to the customer.

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New car registrations in March 2013

If you look at the sales figures this March, then the German manufacturers are once again at the top of the registration statistics. Above all Volkswagen and Mercedes-Benz, followed by the Munich. However, sales in March show a significant decline. Sales in each individual segment declined compared to the previous year. This will not make competition easier for manufacturers. Demand is stagnating.

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upper middle class

BMW 5 Series New Engines

With 4.308 vehicles, the BMW 5 Series is currently the most successful in the upper mid-range segment. This is followed by the Audi A6 with 4.134 models and the Mercedes E-Class with 2.814 vehicles. Only 12.083 models were sold in this segment in March.

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Upper class

mercedes-benz CLS winner kba

Even more contemplative, the result in the upper class. Here the CLS of Mercedes with 484 vehicles ahead of the 6er of BMW with units sold 466 leads. Ranked 3 the 7er BMW with 369 sold models. Overall, only 2.391 vehicles were sold in this segment.

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Nissan Qashqai KBA winner in March

Significantly stronger, the segment of SUV models. With 22.797 approved vehicles throughout. In first place the Nissan Qashqai with 3.684 vehicles, in front of the Opel Mokka with 2.314 vehicles and the BMW X1 with 2.250 vehicles.

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volkswagen tiguan kba winner march

The VW Tiguan is listed as an “off-road vehicle” at KBA and, with 5.799 vehicles, wins well ahead of the Audi Q3 and BMW X3. In the off-road vehicle segment, a total of 20.582 vehicles were sold.

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sports car

E 500 Coupe (C207) 2008

Only 5.045 sold units counts the KBA for the class of sports cars. With 941 vehicles, the E-Class Coupe decides this segment for itself. 2 is followed by the SLK from Mercedes-Benz with 776 units and the Porsche 911 with 741 units.

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mercedes b-class winner march

The mini-van segment is much stronger. Here the B-Class wins March with 4.626 units sold. The SEAT Leon, Altea, Toledo family followed in second place with 2 models and the Renault Scenic in third place with 3.066 vehicles sold.

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Volkswagen Touran KBA winner March segment Van

The Volkswagen Touran clearly wins the van segment with 4.091 units. The Opel Zafira follows in second place with 2 vehicles sold and the VW Sharan takes third place with 2.162 units. 962 units were sold in the entire segment.

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mein-auto-blog - Manufacturer Ranking 2013

The ranking is based on the rankings in the individual classes. A place 1 gives 5 points, a place 2 gives 3 points and for the third place there is a point. Each month, this score is added to an overall ranking
  1. Volkswagen 29 points
  2. Mercedes-Benz 21 points
  3. BMW 19 points
  4. Opel 7 points
  5. Audi 6 points
  6. Nissan 5 points
  7. Renault 4 points
  8. Ford 3 points
  9. Seat 3 points
  10. Smart 1 point
  11. Porsche 1 point
Started in March 2013 - to be continued!



[/ Two_third]All data are based on information provided by the KBA. Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt


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