Disclosure and travel expenses

General note on the handling of travel expenses and the provision of motor vehicles:

As an “automotive blogger”, I am usually treated in a similar way to my colleagues from independent editorial offices and publishing houses. This means: For national and international events, the automobile manufacturer bears the costs of travel and accommodation, if necessary.

There is to say that this would not be otherwise possible for freelance journalists and bloggers to come to the relevant content promptly.  

For outsiders, it may be read as if you were on vacation, if you are traveling for a few hours in a South European country, just to drive there a new car. However, anyone who has flown once knows the circumstances under which this takes place. Waiting times, elaborate controls and many other imponderables are associated with it every day. And yet, there is no other way.

A car manufacturer usually invites journalists to attend these events in the four-digit area and they travel from all over the world. Whether the presentation takes place in rainy Hamburg, or in weather-resistant Spain, makes the cost therefore no difference.

Very good, however, in terms of working conditions and results for film and photo teams.

Moreover, these trips are not an end in itself and not free. Every month, I personally receive hundreds of Euros in roaming charges and travel expenses that are not borne by the manufacturer. Of the waiting time which one often can not use to work, completely apart.

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