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Driving report: Renault Kangoo E-Tech

Renault's Kangoo is actually a versatile and practical motorhome. With the battery-electric E-Tech version, some of these properties are neglected.

The bacon belt streamer

actually counts Renault been one of the drivers of e-mobility for years. With the new edition of the 2021 introduced Kangoo However, the French have taken their time electric version E-Tech to be submitted later. It is available from April to travel in Germany from around 40.000 euros. On a first ride, it leaves a pleasant impression. But who the emission-free If you want a version of the panel van classic, you have to be willing to accept compromises in some important aspects of everyday driving.

At prices just under 40.000 euros, the new Renault Kangoo is now also available with an electric drive

Seen from the modified grille look, a missing exhaust pipe and exclusive exterior colors, the approximately four and a half meter long E-Tech Kangoo looks like its sister models internal combustion engine therefore. Inside, on the other hand, there is a decisive difference: the 45 kWh battery ensures a higher vehicle floor and thus a higher positioned one backseat. Children enjoy a better view from this one, adults find the raised throne in the second row strangely high. Nevertheless, even giant seats have more than enough headroom, because the Kangoo is a Leisure activity vehicle. However, rear seat passengers have a problem with putting their feet comfortably under them Front seats to sort. As a result, adults cannot stretch their legs out far enough and have to bend their knees more than usual.

On request, the Kangoo offers space for larger luggage and three passengers

Also regarding variability and storage space, the packaging of the battery has minor disadvantages. The Rear seats can be moved lengthwise by 16 centimetres, the backrests also fold down asymmetrically. However, it is not possible to wrap the seats, which is why there is an extended one trunk only available with a large level. In addition, the backrest of the passenger seat cannot be folded down, which means that the normally over 2.000 liter large maximum storage space shrinks to 1.730 liters. That's still more than enough for everyday life and family.

However, the family should not be too fond of traveling, because a reach giant the E-Tech is not. With 45 kWh, the Accumulator only an average level of capacity, which is also more heavily used by an aerodynamically unfavorable front surface than in normal passenger cars. According to the WLTP measurement, 285 kilometers should be possible with one charge, in practice you should plan a maximum radius of action of 200 kilometers. On our test drive along the foothills of the Bergisches Land shrank Reach below this mark given the average consumption of 23 kWh. Instead of like the Kangoo with combustion engine as a versatile Many talents and motorhome, Renault is marketing the E-Tech as an everyday car for families who live in the suburbs of cities.

Modern, comfortable, functional - the Kangoo workplace is impressive

With the E-Kangoo they get a pleasant ruhiges and cozy car. The 90 kW/122 hp and 245 Newton meters torque powerful electric motor pushes almost silently and pleasantly powerful. Switching work is not necessary, because thanks to the single-speed gearbox, the Stromer drives like an automatic car. There are three to choose from recuperation levels with different strength Engine brake. However, one-pedal driving is not possible. With a acceleration From 12,6 seconds to 100 km/h and a top speed of 132 km/h, the Kangoo E-Tech floats along easily in the city as well as on country roads and motorways. In addition, it offers a balanced Suspension. The steering reacts homogeneously and not as indirectly as in previous Kangoo generations. Thanks to a low center of gravity and a firm, but not uncomfortable chassis, the vehicle has a firm grip on the road.

As already indicated, the Kangoo E-Tech is actually not for that long-distance use made. Who yet more Distances If you want to unwind without emissions, you can order an onboard charger for an additional charge of 1.500 euros, which can handle up to 22 kW AC and up to 80 kW DC. Then the battery can be charged from 37 to 15 percent in 80 minutes fast charging station fill up. So who more often charging breaks loads, the E-Tech will also be able to drive from Hamburg to Munich in one day. At the public Ladesäule with 11 kW it is 2:40 hours, if you have the 22 kW on-board charger, you can shorten it to one and a half hours at the appropriate charging stations. At sockets with 2,3 or 3,7 kW, charging to 100 percent takes 22:30 or 14 hours.

In addition to the commuter belt family, Renault also has municipal companies more climate friendly Agenda as a target group in mind. For this we recommend the basic version Equilibre, which costs at least 39.300 euros, the charging cable, Air conditioning and radio offers. Alternatively, the equipment is available from 42.000 euros techno, which in addition above Automatic climate control, the Easy Link infotainment system, heated seats, parking beeper, Backup camera and a roof rail that can be converted into a roof rack.

In view of the lavish but unfortunately also normal market prices, the "family" target group will be denied French people probably not rip the Kangoo E-Tech out of your hands. Especially since the more practical and everyday petrol engine is available at prices from around 26.000 euros. Renault expects around a quarter of the future in Germany sold Kangoo with electric drive.

Mario Hommen / SP-X

Renault Kangoo E-Tech Specifications:

Five-door family station wagon in the compact class, length: 4,49 metres, width without exterior mirrors: 1,92 meters (with mirrors: 2,16 metres), height: 1,84 metres, wheelbase: 2,72 metres, trunk volume: 542 - 1.730 liters

Electric motor with 90 kW/122 hp, maximum torque 245 Nm, lithium-ion battery with 45 kWh, range according to WLTP: 285 km, charging capacity: 10-80% in 37 minutes with an 80 kW fast charger, front-wheel drive, automatic entry, Vmax: 132 km/h, 0 – 100 km/h: 12,6 seconds, combined power consumption (WLTP): 19,2 kWh, CO2 emissions: 0 g/km

Price: from € 39.300

Renault Kangoo E-Tech – Brief Characteristics:

Why: practical and electric for the city
Why not: too small a range for long tours
What else: the technology brothers of Renault and Mercedes, Opel Combo-e, Peugeot e-Rifter, Citroen e-Berlingo

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