Environmental bonus - This is how you can save on e-car leasing thanks to the BAFA premium

In times of global warming and environmental protection, buying a car is also becoming a sustainable thing. With electric or hybrid vehicles, you can fall back on environmentally friendly vehicles and at the same time reduce your fuel expenditure. The Federal Office of Economics and Execution Controls also supports this honorable thought. Since July 2016, the so-called environmental bonus has been available for buying, financing and leasing such cars. Thanks to this BAFA premium, you can save on e-car leasing. With a few exceptions, almost everyone can benefit from the environmental bonus. In addition to private individuals, companies, associations, foundations and corporations can also submit an application. In the following we will explain to you how the bonus can be composed and calculated and which steps are necessary in order to receive it for a leased vehicle.

This is how the BAFA bonus is made up

Half of the environmental bonus is paid by the manufacturer and half by BAFA. The amount of the premium depends on the vehicle price and the car model. The prices are currently as follows:

Vehicles with a net list price of up to 40.000 euros: 6.000 euros (for electric and fuel cell cars) and 4.500 euros (for plug-in hybrid cars) subsidy.
Vehicles with a net list price between 40.000 and 65.000 euros: 5.000 euros (for electric and fuel cell cars) and 3.750 euros (for plug-in hybrid cars) subsidy.
There is no longer a bonus for vehicles that cost more than 65.000 euros.

The BAFA bonus is available regardless of whether you buy, finance or lease your car. Used vehicles are also supported. The bonus here is 5.000 euros (for electric and fuel cell cars) and 3.750 euros (for plug-in hybrid cars). However, it is important to note when the vehicle was registered. Because the first registration must have taken place or take place after 04.11.2019. For the second registration, the first registration was allowed to run for a maximum of 12 months and the car did not travel more than 15.000 km. In addition, the car must not have received any equivalent funding so far.

What do you have to do to receive the bonus?

The dealer's share is initially automatically deducted from the original purchase price. However, BAFA funding must be applied for separately. The relevant documents can be submitted on the BAFA online portal. These differ slightly depending on whether you want to lease or buy the car. When purchasing, the invoice and the second part of the registration certificate are sufficient.

With leasing, on the other hand, you have to submit the leasing contract or a binding order. There is also a calculation of the leasing rate to prove that the dealer has deducted his contribution from the actual amount. As a next step on the way to your environmental bonus, you will receive a PDF document. This contains the application form and a confirmation that all of your details have been made truthfully. The latter must be printed out, signed and then uploaded again to the BAFA online portal. You will then receive a confirmation email with your transaction number. Now you have to wait until the information has been checked. Then you will receive the grant notification, you will receive the funding and you can save money with the environmental bonus thanks to the BAFA bonus for e-car leasing.

Are there any other ways to get grants?

For many electric cars, the installation of an AVAS (Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System) is recommended, since the whisper-quiet means of transport are sometimes not properly perceived by pedestrians. BAFA also provides funding here and subsidizes the installation with another 100 euros.
For traders and the self-employed there are additional grants in addition to the normal BAFA premium in the federal states: Berlin, North Rhine-Westphalia and Baden-Württemberg. This is different depending on the federal state:

In Berlin, electric cars are subsidized with up to 4.000 euros and plug-in hybrids with up to 3000 euros. Most of the cars in Berlin have to be used for commercial purposes. If the car is leased, the contract must run for at least 12 months. In addition, e-commercial vehicles over 2,3 tonnes are also funded. For example, you can expect 8.000 euros for an e-transporter and 4.000 euros for a corresponding hybrid.

In NRW, on the other hand, only electric commercial vehicles are funded. Hybrid commercial vehicles but also electric cars are falling out. The vehicles can receive a bonus of up to 8.000 euros. The requirements are also a little stricter than in Berlin. Because it must be proven that 80 percent of the trips made with the vehicle were made in North Rhine-Westphalia. In NRW, the contract for leasing must also have a minimum term of 12 months.

In Baden Württemberg, things are different. As in Berlin, only pure electric vehicles are subsidized here. However, only up to 3,5 tons and with up to 3.000 euros. As in Berlin, it is sufficient if the car is mainly used in its own state. The full benefit of 3.000 euros is only available for a leasing contract that has been concluded for 36 months. If there is a shorter contract, the funding is only paid out proportionately.

So you see, if you get a little information, the purchase of an electric vehicle or a plug-in hybrid is not as expensive as the original price would suggest, thanks to various grants. With the help of the environmental bonus and thanks to the BAFA premium, you can save money on e-car leasing and thus afford to do yourself and the environment something good.