Successful car purchase on the Internet - This is how you can recognize serious dealers

If you want to afford a new car and do not want to go to the local car dealership, you can expect numerous attractive offers on the Internet. As far as the subject is concerned Buying a car on the Internet - This is how you recognize a reputable dealer, you have come to the right place. You will find out which features and indications you can use to recognize immediately which dealers are reputable and which ones you should rather avoid.

Accidental damage is not kept secret

Not every used car on the Internet is in good condition, has only been driven infrequently and can be used directly on the road again. If a used car is too cheap on the Internet, it usually has a very specific reason. Quite often it is an accident car, but it can still be classified as roadworthy. When it comes to the problem of buying a car on the Internet - this is how you can recognize reputable dealers, this plays a role insofar as reputable dealers will tell you if the car to be sold has an accident.

In principle, it is not a problem if you choose a car that previously had an accident. It is only important that you know about this fact and that this fact is reflected in a much cheaper price.

Odometer reading clearly real

It is a reputable dealer if he plays with open cards. Particularly important with regard to a used car: the odometer reading. Here you can clearly see whether the car was used excessively or only rarely in the past. Logically: The less the car was driven, the sooner the value is retained and the car can therefore cost a little more. For this reason, there are dubious dealers who deliberately manipulate the odometer reading to make more profit from a sale.

Therefore, make sure that the current status of the speedometer is included in the purchase contract. Also important: the mileage must match the apparent condition of the car. If this is not the case, then you should rather distance yourself and look for another dealer.

Good reviews from other customers

A very clear indication of a reputable dealer are good ratings on various portals. When doing your research, however, make sure that you are dealing with real people or honest reviews. It is not uncommon for traders to pay other people a certain price for spreading false and positive opinions on the Internet. This is a "measure" for marketing that is anything but serious. If you only find positive and exuberantly formulated positive opinions about a retailer, it could be such a case.

Fair and realistic negotiations

Most reputable traders are happy to trade with you. However, if the seller offers you a price that is far too far below the initially stated sales price, you should be careful. This is a popular scam to initially seduce customers into an ill-considered purchase. Ask specifically how the big discount comes about. Reputable dealers can give you a reason why the price is suddenly so much lower, or they won't offer you any dubious discounts at all.

Not only realistic and above all customary discounts are an indication for an honest dealer. Fair negotiations also make real professionals in this area. Pay attention to how the seller behaves when asking about a discount. If the person is angry, the question is ridiculous or otherwise outrageous, you should immediately go far. Those who are not ready to negotiate generally do not offer good customer service.

High transparency and good customer service

It is important to reputable retailers that customers know exactly how the prices are made up and how the purchase works in practice. Therefore, you will not leave such dealers in the dark, but educate them about every single step of the sale. This transparency is important so that you can gain trust. If a seller takes enough time to discuss all eventualities with you and gives you a certain period of time for your own considerations, it is usually a good dealer without secrets from his customer.

Serious dealers are always transparent and open-minded, not only when it comes to communication, but also when it comes to documents. A real professional will be able to give you all the vehicle documents - completely and in the original. Above all, you should insist on a TÜV report and all maintenance booklets. When looking through these documents at the latest, possible defects will come to light, which serious dealers do not want to withhold from you in the first place.

Easy return in case of problems

Serious dealers will not refuse to return the car in exceptional cases. The phrase “bought as seen” should therefore not appear in the sales contract. This is an addition that not only makes a possible return more difficult, but in many cases even makes it legally impossible. Anyone who includes this phrase in the contract has in many cases something to hide. Serious dealers can therefore confidently do without the addition, because they do not withhold the true condition of the car from their customers.

Price and offer are reasonable

Of course, it is tempting if you can save several hundred euros or even more by buying a car online. However, you should pay attention to prices that are far below the regular market value. If so, there is usually a reason that dubious dealers won't tell you. If it is a professional, honest and fair seller, he will answer the question for a reason for the low price plausibly. If the reason does not make sense to you, you should rather look for another dealer. This could be a scam.

Reputable dealers stand the test

If after making a purchase you are still dealing with the subject of buying a car on the Internet - This is how you can recognize reputable dealers because you are not sure whether it is a stolen car, then you should have the number of the chassis checked by the police. This is a precaution that does not cost a lot of money or time. If it is a serious dealer who has nothing to hide, they will be happy to give you the number.