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Erlkönig at the Nürburgring - Kia tests electric model

The test drive took place in secret, the car was well camouflaged, and yet attentive photographers managed to snap a picture of the mysterious electric model from Kia. The drive took place on the famous Nürburgring racetrack and this time it wasn't about Seconds.

Find weak spots

Vehicles that are on the notorious Nordschleife of the Nürburgring usually want to set a new track record. In addition, the Nordschleife is increasingly being used as a kind of high-speed test, in which car manufacturers want to sound out the possible weaknesses of their new models. Where else but on the Nordschleife does a car show what it can do and what needs improvement? These weak points can rarely be found under real conditions. Kia apparently had the same considerations and therefore tested its Erlkönig in the Eifel.


The first electric car from Kia

The Erlkönig, which was tested at the Nürburgring, is the first electric car from Kia, which was actually developed by Kia from the first to the last screw. However, it will be a while before the car is roadworthy, as many tests of this type are apparently still required. The new Kia looks angular, but also sleek, apparently it is a successful mixture between two concepts. One of the concepts was named “Kia Imagine” and “Futuron” and was launched a year ago. The electric car, however, also has something of the Kia “Sportage”, which only recently appeared in new pictures as Erlkönig.

A coupe crossover?

In the photos, the lines of the new Kia look sharper, and its roof is very low. Experts see it as a kind of coupé crossover. It was not difficult to see that it was an electric model: The car was completely silent in the Eifel. The code name of the new SUV from Kia is CV and, if the rumors are true, it should have a range of 500 kilometers, and the new electric model from South Korea should also have a quick charge function.

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