Family-friendly Dacia Jogger

Versatile, spacious and practical. With the Jogger, Dacia shows how you can cleverly turn an SUV, station wagon and van into a car that is an inexpensive offer, especially for young families.

New appearance, new logo, new self-confidence - the change of the brand Dacia is visible from afar. The most recent example is the Jogger, a five or seven-seater family car that the Romanian Renault subsidiary presented last September at the IAA Mobility in Munich as the successor to the Logan MCV, Lodgy and Dokker - and was very well received. No wonder, the jogger is attractively packaged in a robust outdoor look, offers plenty of space and is positioned in an extremely family-friendly manner. Its price should be unbeatable, starting at just 13.990 euros. Even with the best equipment, it remains under 18.000 euros. Deliveries begin in March.

What class is this?

Actually, the Jogger wants to be a three-in-one car, with design elements of an SUV, the length of a station wagon and the roominess of a van. Marketing people like to talk about crossover. The customer can be pretty damn. Other things count for him: functionality, space, versatility and the most economical drive possible. Because the engineers managed to build the Jogger very lightly - it weighs only 1.251 kilograms and is therefore around 200 kilograms lighter than similar vehicles - it does not require a large and powerful engine.  

Under the hood is a small and newly designed one-liter three-cylinder turbo petrol engine with an output of 85 kW/110 hp. He proves to be a lively fellow, hangs on the gas perfectly and keeps his tone even at higher speeds. Dacia states consumption as 5,7 l/100 km, after the test drive, a mix of city, country roads and motorway (limit 130 km/h), the display showed an average of 6,7 l/100 km.  

Automatic transmission only comes with the hybrid

The six manual gears for propulsion can be changed easily and precisely. An automatic transmission would of course be more convenient, but that is not to be found in the price list, at least not yet. It won't come until 2023 when Dacia will offer its first hybrid drive - it comes from the Renault Clio.

Alternatively, Dacia offers its 4,55 meter long crossover station wagon with LPG drive. There is also a 40-litre tank in the spare wheel well. The system is bivalent. If the liquid gas runs out, the system automatically switches to petrol. With gas operation, the output of the three-cylinder falls to 74 kW/101 hp, the torque from 200 to 170 Newton meters. A few compromises have to be made here in terms of agility. The reward is lower kilometer costs, because LPG costs only about 90 cents per liter. However, since there is less energy in it, consumption increases proportionally. Dacia specifies 7,7 liters, there will be a good 8 in everyday life.

Plenty of space for the whole extended family

The jogger clearly plays its trump card in the room concept. Even in the third row of seats, adults are accommodated reasonably well. If you order the jogger as a five-seater, between 607 and 1819 liters fit into the Romanian space miracle. Since some upper-class premium station wagon can not keep up. As a seven-seater (surcharge: 800 euros) it is 160 to 1.807 liters. However, the last value only applies if the two individual seats in the third row have been completely removed beforehand.

This is easy to do, they weigh less than ten kilograms. If the luggage volume is not enough for you, you should choose the modular roof rails. With a few simple steps, it can be converted into a carrier for a box. There is also a trailer hitch for the jogger. Hobby bikers and camping enthusiasts in particular should appreciate its advantages.

Family-friendly Dacia Jogger
The available space is more than okay in the front and in the back

Frills have never been on board with Dacia

Despite the price-sensitive classification in the segment, behind the wheel of the Jogger you don't feel like you're in a cheap home, even if hard plastic dominates here and there. The cockpit looks tidy, user-friendly and well made. Dacia dispenses with unnecessary frills. Ventilation and air conditioning work well with large rotary controls, the steering wheel can be adjusted in height and depth, which should make it possible to find a good seating position in almost all cases.

Since the jogger did not have to use the depreciated platforms from Renault, as was previously the case with Dacia, but today gets the latest technology, this naturally has a positive effect on connectivity, comfort and assistance systems. For example, the smartphone can be connected to the media system and you have a few electronic helpers on board. Depending on the trim level, these include keyless entry, a reversing camera, parking assistance, cruise control and blind spot warning. However, an automatic distance pilot for congested traffic on the Autobahn is not available. Customer surveys had shown that something like this was not desired.

Technical data

Five-door, five-seater station wagon in the compact class, length: 4,55 meters, width: 1,78 meters, height: 1,67 meters, wheelbase: 2,90 meters, trunk: 607 – 1819 l

TCe 110: 1,0 liter three-cylinder petrol, 81 kW/110 hp, maximum torque: 200 Nm at 2.900 to 3.500 rpm, 6-speed manual transmission, front-wheel drive, 0-100 km/h: 10,5 s, Vmax: 183 km/h, average consumption: 5,7 - 5,6 l, CO2 emissions: 128 - 127 g/km, efficiency class: not specified, emission standard: Euro 6d, price: from 14.490 euros

TCe 100 ECO-G (Autogas) 1,0 liter three-cylinder petrol, 74 kW/101 hp, maximum torque: 170 Nm at 2.000 to 3.500 rpm, 6-speed manual transmission, front-wheel drive, 0-100 km/ h: 12,3 s, Vmax: 175 km/h, average consumption: 7,7 - 7,6 l, CO2 emissions: 119 - 118 g/km, efficiency class: not specified, emission standard: Euro 6d, price: from 13.990 euros

In brief

Why: There is no new car cheaper in this class.  

Why not: currently no automatic transmission selectable.

What else: without direct competition

When: (March 2022)

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