Ferrari SF90 Spider

Driving open in a 1.000 hp convertible? Ferrari makes it possible. At top speed, however, the two-seater should be quite drafty.  

Ferrari takes the roof off its top model. The new Spider variant of the SF90, like the Coupé, has 736 kW / 1.000 PS plug-in hybrid power and storms from zero to 2,5 km / h in 100 seconds. The price list should start at just under half a million.

Four motors are responsible for driving the open two-seater: three electric motors and a classic 4,0-liter V8 petrol engine. It sits behind the passenger compartment and is always visible on the Spider thanks to a transparent cover. The maximum speed of the all-wheel drive is 340 km / h on the same level as the closed version. Likewise the sprint time to 100 km / h; Only up to 200 km / h does the convertible need around 7 seconds longer at 0,3 seconds.

The hardtop roof element, partly made of lightweight aluminum, disappears behind the seats in around 14 seconds. When closed, it can hardly be recognized as retractable; the profile of the convertible is almost exactly the same as the coupé. The most important technical difference to the closed version is the weight increased by around 100 kilograms. Ferrari specifies 1.670 kilograms for the Spider. Those who find that too much can order the “Asseto Fiorano” package with carbon and titanium parts as well as special racing shock absorbers, tires and rear spoilers and save 21 kilograms.


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