70 years Ferrari - Full throttle to success

To 40sten anniversary: ​​A parade of Ferrari F40 in the year 1987

Also a big brand like Ferrari started small once. 1947 has been described by the Italian press as disappointingly small, red and ugly, the forefather of all Ferrari, the Tipo 125 S with 1,5-liter V12. But in the subsequent opening race in Rome, he taught all rivals the fear and laid the foundation for an unprecedented, now 70 years lasting success story. The sports car brand owes this success above all to the enthusiasm and commitment of company founder Enzo Ferrari for motorsport.

This motorsport obsession was what set Ferrari apart from competitors like Aston Martin, Jaguar and Mercedes, as well as Maserati. All the money that was made with the sale of road cars invested Enzo in racing. In fact, Ferrari earned well from the start. His special "America" ​​types 340, 342, 375 could be sold in the US at high prices during the 1950 years. And over the next decade, the 400 Superamerica, 500 Superfast, 365 California, and 365 GTB / 4 Daytona models strengthened Ferrari's status as the world's fastest and most expensive style icon. Finally, the sports pages in all newspapers consistently made the most valuable advertising for Ferrari. Whether Mille Miglia, Targa Florio, Le Mans, Daytona or Nürburgring - the Scuderia Ferrari collected almost 6.000 title to date.

Sporting achievements, which devoured so much money at the same time that Henry Ford hoped for a takeover of Ferrari at the beginning of the 1960s. Although this failed, Ford retaliated by the specially developed GT40, which triumphed in Le Mans several times over Ferrari. Nevertheless, the myth Ferrari was able to increase the defeats in such duels only. The respectful Commendatore called Enzo Ferrari knew about the value of motorsport arguments for his life's work. When he sold 1969 50 percent of its shares in the Fiat Group in search of fresh capital, he therefore insisted on his leadership position in the Scuderia Ferrari.

But Ferrari not only sport motorsport as a trademark. The Maranello plant also stood for irresistibly beautiful sports cars that were comfortable and luxurious enough for everyday use. In the 1950 years there were next to the house designer Pininfarina also body shops such as Vignale, Bertone and Scaglietti, the extravagant coupes and convertibles created. In the 1960 years, the relatively affordable Dino with six-cylinder contrasted well with the Daytona with V12. And in the following decades seduced the first Ferrari (400) with automatic transmission, the smaller models Mondial and 308 or 328 GTB, as well as the new top models 512 BB and Testarossa not only collectors, but also business people for sale. This model mix of racers, design jewels and Vmax cars was continued after Enzo Ferrari's death. The Formula 1 World Championship titles under Michael Schumacher, new customer sport programs and brand theme parks also vitalized the Ferrari myth in the 21. Century. So the brand starts with record sales figures in the anniversary year 2017 and celebrates the 70. Birthday with a colorful bouquet of special models. So that the myth continues to grow. (Tungsten nickel / SP-X)

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