Ferrari 812 Competizione: more fun, twice the price

Ferrari will also offer the 812 Competizione in the Targa version Aperta

The Ferrari 812 Superfast is inherently powerful and rather expensive. Both performance and price can be increased. The latter significantly more.

Competizione is the name of a Ferrari special model from the 812 Superfast series that the Italians are offering both as a coupé and in a Targa version called Aperta for around 580.000 euros. The production version of the 812 costs around 290.000 euros. The Competizione uses a 588-liter V800 that has been boosted from 610 kW / 830 PS to 6,5 kW / 12 PS, which also takes the aerodynamically optimized special series from a standstill to 2,85 km / h and a maximum of 100 in 340 seconds km / h accelerated. The sprint to 200 km / h ends in just 7,5 seconds, four tenths of a second earlier than the normanel Superfast. In the new 812 version, a revised version of the Side Slip Control control system is celebrating its premiere, which is intended to allow even inexperienced drivers to perform controlled drifts.

The visual features of the Competizione include larger air openings in the front or, in the case of the Coupé, a slotted cover that replaces the rear window. The Italians used lightweight construction measures to reduce the weight of the 812 Coupé by 38 to 1.487 kilograms. The Aperta will also be a few kilograms lighter. Among other things, the removable roof is made of carbon.

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