Ferrari 812 Superfast - strong by tradition

The extensively revised F12 will be called Ferrari 812 Superfast in the future

In the year of its 70sten anniversary Ferrari at the Geneva Motor Show (9 - 19, March 2017) a new F12 generation called 812 Superfast. The new top model of the brand is the strongest so far purely driven by internal combustion engine series Ferrari ever.

800 PS is to mobilize the front engine of the 812 Superfast

Already in the 1960er years there was an 400 PS strong V12 coupe called 500 Superfast. The performance of the new Superfast has exactly doubled. The 6,5-liter V12, which features 350-bar direct injection and variable intake manifolds, delivers 588 kW / 800 horsepower and 718 Newton meters of torque to the rear wheels. With it the 1,5-Tonner should sprint from zero to 2,9 in 100 seconds and fast over 340 km / h. Consumption is correspondingly high with 15 liters.

Thanks to the mitlenkenden rear wheels of the Ferrari 812 Superfast also come well through tight corners

In addition to more power, the new F12 derivative is the first Ferrari to offer the new EPS electric power steering system, which, in conjunction with the steering rear wheels, should enable particularly good handling in tight bends. For friends of neat drift, the Superfast is also equipped with the latest version of the side-slip control.

The front of the 812 Superfast has been significantly improved aerodynamically compared to the F12

Although unmistakably an offshoot of the F12, the design of the 812 has been modified in many details. So there are LED headlights and four instead of two round taillights. Also, the aerodynamic design has been extensively changed and should guarantee more downforce than before.

Also, the cabin of the 812 Superfast Ferrari has missed a sportier, more radical styling

Information about the market launch and the price Ferrari has not yet made. In its hitherto sharpest expansion stage with the addition of the name tds, the F12 cost around 380.000 Euro. It is quite possible that the Superfast will be more expensive.
(Mario Hommen / SP-X)

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